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What is NeoRhythm and which brainwaves play an essential role in your mental health? NeoRhythm is a gesture-controlled wearable that uses brainwave entrain

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  Many cosmetic procedures that can make you look better like botox treatments, neck lift, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, breast reduction, CO2 laser resu

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Due to COVID-19, the world got to a sudden stop. Even multi-billionaire companies like Google and Facebook had already announced to work from home for their e

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Hohem has a huge history of making the best and decent mobile gimbal, and their mobile gimbals are too popular. But with the help of the sectored dominated by t

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  What’s even a pout without some sassy lipstick to make you pop! Boring right? Imagine a world without lipsticks and lip colours! That would

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  8000Kicks is an eco-friendly shoe brand that designs 100% hemp footwear. Their men’s and women’s shoes are made using ethica

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Inappropriate data management can lead to security vulnerabilities, lost revenue and lost opportunities, costing businesses lots of money. Trust is

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This certification is becoming mainstream in the food industry. As worldwide Muslim population has crossed 1.6 billion, the demand for producing and packaging o

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Praying is an important pillar of our religious activities. It gives peace of mind and helps us thank God for His blessings. For Muslims, it is not easy


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