3 Best Water Pipes are Worth to Try Even If You Have Low Budget


You want to enjoy your hits, right? The problem is that your pocket may not permit the best water pipe that you saw our friend with during the last hitting session. There is a double-edged sword here since you also don’t want to buy the cheapest water pipe and compromise quality.

If that’s your case, then you better run to Waxmaid. There are varieties of water pipes here, and regardless of the fantastic designs, they are within your budget. You can now stop worrying about the $100+ water pipes since we have cheaper ones here to give you the same feeling.

1 - Waxmaid 9” Crystor S Mini transparent Silicone Double Percolator Water Pipe

The first budget-friendly water pipe option you can have is the Waxmaid Crystor S Mini which comes with a transparent silicone container. While you can view the smoke, it’s also easy to clean and maintain since you will be dealing with two parts.

Waxmaid 9” Crystor S Mini transparent Silicone Double Percolator Water Pipe

The Crystor S Mini Features

The package comes as a double percolator water pipe made of platinum-cured silicone. There is a 14mm glass bowl and an adapter too for the dab. The silicone material is already proven to be food-safe, meaning there is no harm while using it.

The mini model is a version of the bigger Crystor S model bearing a bent mouthpiece for toking convenience. The glass adapter and mouthpiece are both removable for easy access to the inner part and cleaning too.

Waxmaid 9” Crystor S Mini transparent Silicone Double Percolator Water Pipe

The container part has a broader base that prevents the Crystor S Mini water pipe from falling due to light accidental knockoffs. Once you fill it with water and close it, the next part is fixing the glass bowl and its adapter on the downstem.

After that, you can heat the glass bowl, load it some concentrates, and torch as you inhale from the mouthpiece end. The double percolator mechanism ensures that the smoke circulates to cool before getting to you.

The downstem has a magnet that enables you to collect the dab tools and lighter. The whole unit, when assembled, is 8.94 inches, and that is a piece that you can carry anywhere without worrying.

If the luggage is too much, you can disassemble it and carry it in two pieces.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Due to the silicone make, it becomes super easy to clean and maintain the Crystor S Mini water pipe. The best time to clean it while it’s still greasy and warm. The resin will get out with little to no effort during that time.

First, it’s entirely dishwasher safe if you decide to use the machine. You can also use soap and water to clean and then rinse afterward. Another proper cleaning method involves boiling the silicone since that cannot damage the material.

If you want better results without doing much, you can freeze the water pipe for a few hours. Later, remove it from the freezer and then squeeze the silicone to de-gunk and eliminate all the dirt.

You cannot use concentrated alcohol to clean the silicone since that will corrode it over time. Instead, you can use the alcohol (70% concentration) mixed with salt to clean the glass bowl.

2 - Waxmaid 8.46” Springer Mini Collapsible Silicone Water Pipe

Waxmaid also has another budget-friendly water pipe that you can use anywhere at any time. It’s the Springer Mini that is made of collapsible silicone. Having a smaller mouthpiece after use creates convenience when you are on the move.

Waxmaid 8.46” Springer Mini Collapsible Silicone Water Pipe

The Springer Mini Features

This water pipe is a smaller version of the Springer water pipe, and it’s also made of platinum-cured silicone. In the package, you get the unit together with a 14mm glass bowl in the chamber.

The collapsible nature of the mouthpiece is not only good for transport but during smoking too. You can bend the mouth to any side, and it can rotate to 360 degrees. The water needed before the hits go to the bottom container, which has a broader base for stability purposes.

There is a downstem that is part of the unit. At its top, that is where the glass bowl goes. Using the water pipe only requires you to hit the glass bowl after loading and use the collapsible mouthpiece to inhale.

Waxmaid 8.46” Springer Mini Collapsible Silicone Water Pipe

The smoke comes in large quantities so, you better be prepared for it. When extended, the pipe stretches to 8.46 inches while the collapsed water pipe is only 5.31 inches. The downstem here also has a magnet for holding the lighter and dab tools.

Using and maintaining the water pipe is as straightforward as the pipe looks. Since its silicone, there is no hard time cleaning when compared to glass.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Since most of the parts here are silicone apart from the glass bowl, you can throw the Springer Mini in a dishwasher when it gets dirty. There is no problem with that, and that also goes for soap and water use.

Better results come when you boil the silicone. It will not face wear and tear due to the heat. Instead, you will be getting all the resin out. Freezing is also another effective method. After a few hours of freezing the water pipe, you can squeeze the silicone to get rid of the frozen gunk.

You can use soap and water or a mixture of concentrated alcohol mixed with salt for the glass bowl. For the silicone water pipe, do not use the alcohol solution for the sake of its longevity.

3 - Waxmaid 8.5” Hobee S Silicone Beaker Water Pipe

The last of the three is the Hobee S which has the shape of a beaker. It’s a silicone water pipe with no visual of the smoke, but the make allows you to use and clean with no struggle at all.

Waxmaid 8.5” Hobee S Silicone Beaker Water Pipe

Hobee S Features

It’s all platinum-cured silicone here, and it’s approved to be safe. What you get is the silicone beaker water pipe and its 14mm glass bowl locked in the chamber. You can access it from the bottom, where there is an opening.

The unit comes as a whole, and all you need is to attach the glass bowl to the downstem after filling the bottom container with water. After that, it’s all about hitting the dab in the bowl and toking at the top.

Waxmaid 8.5” Hobee S Silicone Beaker Water Pipe

It’s that simple to use. The wide base area at the bottom provides the best stability for a water pipe. The Hobee S resembles the Hobee only that the mouthpiece is bent. The donwstem here also has a magnet for collecting the dab tools and lighter.

The bottom is detachable for easy cleanup.  

Cleaning and Maintenance

Since it's silicone, you can throw the Hobee S in the dishwasher for easier and quicker cleaning. It’s also okay to boil the material since there will be no harm in doing so. Better clean-up can also be achieved through freezing for a few hours.

Later, you can squeeze the silicone material to de-gunk. For the glass bowl, you can use concentrated alcohol mixed with salt to tidy it up.


As you have seen above, you don’t need to break the bank to get a smooth dab hit. Waxmaid has already sorted you out with the best water pipes, whatever the budget. The prices are within what we like as customers, and it’s easy to maintain the silicone material.

Now, you can decide on which one appeals to you and then contact Waxmaid for quick delivery.