4 Best Cheap Computer Chairs for Students


A student's table

Really? A whole article about buying something as trivial as an office chair? Well, if you think that this chair will become a throne that determines the health of your shoulders and lower back, as well as protects you from other long-term injuries, it's worth knowing what to buy. Buying an appropriate chair made my student life much better, as well as the decision to pay someone to write my paper.

Good chairs are not universal solutions. The way a chair feels will vary greatly depending on your height, weight, and shape. Therefore, do not buy a chair just because it occupies first place in the list. It’s essential to go to the store and try it yourself.
This is extra important for budget or cheap chairs. When it comes to cheap parts and materials, most likely, the chair that feels good when you sit on it for the first time will be the chair that feels good for a long time. 

How to buy the Perfect Computer Chair

So, we know that every person needs different things from a chair, but this does not mean that there is a huge selection of options. Depending on your height/weight, work environment, budget, and other requirements.
Fabric vs leather vs mesh: The back and seat made of mesh are better if you work in a room where there is no central air conditioning or air conditioning. Fabric or leather backrests and seats are preferred for closed office spaces. 
Basic adjustment: Find a chair that allows you to adjust three main factors: the height of the seat, the angle of the backrest, and the height of the armrests.


Differences between cheap and expensive chairs

Expensive chairs will last a long time, budget chairs are best for one or two years
It seems a little crazy to spend more than $ 500 on a computer chair, right? Especially if you can still buy a good laptop for $ 500. But just like a $ 1,000 laptop runs longer and feels better than a $ 500 laptop.

Here are a few key differences between cheap and expensive chairs so that you know what is best for you.

Metal vs plastic: prices for chairs differ depending on the materials used. And more than the tissue, the joints are important. Metal, good plastic, or cheap plastic (in that order) will determine how long the chair lasts, as well as how comfortable it is for a long period.

Everything is adjustable: good budget chairs will allow you to adjust the above three parts. With expensive chairs, you can adjust almost everything, for example, how much you can move forward, how far apart the arms are, whether the arms can bend inwards or outwards, the tension of the lumbar support, and so on.

Guarantee: The biggest advantage of expensive chairs is the guarantee. Brands such as Herman Miller and Steelcase offer a 12-year warranty on their chairs, where they will replace everything. If the smallest thing goes wrong, you can fix it for free. Over time, this turns into a significant saving, if you compare it with how often you will have to buy a new chair otherwise.

So, now you know what to look for in a computer chair, how to buy it, and what advantages an expensive chair gives. There are only two things left to do. Determine the purpose of your chair (office use, home use for several people, a gaming chair, etc.) and how much you are willing to pay for it. Then select from the list below and try it.


1. The best computer chair with a grid, Herman Miller Aeron
Herman Miller Aeron is a chair with a medium back, which means that it ends below your neck and does not have a headrest. 
For many decades, this has been the gold standard for premium ergonomic office chairs. You can't go wrong with this. 

First, go to the store and select the desired size. This is one of the few chairs that we are comfortable recommending to those who share a chair. Make sure it matches the height and weight of those who share it, or choose the best one for yourself based on three sizes:

Size A: 4 ' 10 "to 5 '9" tall and weighing 90-150 lbs

Size B: between 5 ' 2 "and 6' 6 " in height and weighing 130-325 lbs

Size C: 5 ' 3 "to 6'6" tall and weighing 180-350 lbs

The Aeron uses a mesh back and a mesh seat, but it's just as comfortable as any leather-upholstered chair you've been sitting on. Aeron's natural curves ensure that you are in the right position and not sitting right at the table, as this is bad for you.

2. The best computer chair with fabric and headrest, Steelcase Gesture
Let's make a small distinction between a "computer chair" and an "office chair" for a moment. An office chair is an interaction with a desk. A computer chair is an interaction with a laptop or PC.
With your hands. Steelcase seems to have gotten this during the creation of the Steelcase Gesture, which has fully rotatable armrests.

When your hands form a V - shape for typing on the keyboard, the armrests tilt. When you use the mouse with one hand, the armrest remains directly under your hand. This is the most discussed feature of Steelcase Gesture of all who have used it.
It's also incredibly adjustable. You can move the seat back and forth, as well as up and down; you can change the distance between the arms or outside, as well as move them up and down; and you can change the angle of the back, as well as the tension. It's as customizable as possible.

The Steelcase also has one little feature that Herman Miller doesn't offer on his Aeron: a headrest.
Look, the headrest does not violate the agreement, but it's nice that Steelcase gives you this opportunity.
Both Steelcase and Herman Miller offer"full coverage" guarantees for their chairs. This guarantee has been verified by several users on the internet with positive reviews. If you want to buy something in the price range from $ 200 to $ 1000, contact your local Steelcase or Herman Miller store.


3. HON Exposure is an extremely adjustable computer chair that costs less than $ 200.
The main reason for choosing HON Exposure over Markus is its ability to customize. As mentioned earlier, it offers three main adjustment elements: hands, height, and tilt. But it also allows you to change the seat depth, which is a small but nice feature for those who are below or above average.
But, as always, you need to sit in a chair before making a decision. So find a HON store near you and try it out.


4. The best computer chair for $ 100 - Modway Articulate

In short, there are about eight different manufacturers on Amazon that offer exactly the same chair as the Modway Articulate. Of these, Modway Articulate has the most positive reviews without fake Amazon reviews.
This meets the basic requirements of a good budget chair, with its back loop and adaptability. You can adjust the height of the seat, the height of the armrest, the tilt of the backrest, as well as how far the seat of the chair can lean back. The difference between the backrest and the seat tilt is a nice little feature that is starting to appear around this price category.
No chair will protect you from health problems when you sit for too long. Even if you are buying the best chair, make sure that you take breaks from this sitting position to move around from time to time.