5 Reasons Why Halloween Is Important

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Halloween is always seen as very special occasions and it can be a fun time for both adults and kids. Halloween is an annual holiday celebrated each year on October 31, and Halloween 2019 occurs on Thursday, October 31. While we now celebrate it as a holiday where children wear Halloween costumes and receive candy, Halloween has much deeper and more spiritual roots than this. So do you know why Halloween is important?

Here we show you 5 reasons why Halloween is important.

1.It’s a ritual that keeps us together.

In modern life, people are becoming more busier. So think, for a moment, about how often you interact with your neighbors. If you’re the average American, you probably don’t know most of the people on your block.

Halloween is coming

Halloween is coming

On Haloween, everyone often says “trick and treat” together. There’s no feeling quite like waiting for a stranger to open their door so you can scream the words “Trick or treat!”. It is a great way to get to know the neighbors.

Some professionals study that says this kind of social connection makes you happier, kinder, and healthier.

Moreover, on this special day, Halloween candy is an indispensable part. So people spend time to make them together. This is a ton of fun for both adults and kids. For couples, it is a perfect time for romance. It serves as a date night excuse, opportune time to role-play and stay up late hyped up on sugar.

2. Free to cosplay.

Halloween is the only time to dress up your dog or cat without looking crazy or insane. Halloween comes, people often try to find crazy and kooky costumes to wear.

They can dress like a villain, superhero, favorite celebrity, cartoon character, or monster. They can be anything they want to be and suffer no consequences the next day about it.

Bring the New Pennywise into Your Home with Spirit Halloween

Halloween 2019, there is a wide range of costumes that you can easily choose one. For example, you can wear a zombie nurse costume. These zombie costumes will never be outdated to scare your friends.

3. Death can be fun!

Halloween is one of many “memento mori” traditions designed to make death just a little bit more fun and provide an age-appropriate hint to children about an inescapable fact of life, which is that life ends.

This has emotional benefits. As Oliver Burkemen notes in his essay “The Positive Power of Negative Thinking,” one study found that visualizing death can lead us to become more grateful for the things we have in life.

4. We need Halloween candy.

Halloween Candy

Halloween Candy

For kids, Halloween is the perfect time to get lots of candy. When night comes, they bring big treat bags to pick candy as well as chocolates.

They bang on the doors of people they don’t know and expect them to give them a gift or a donation for a good cause. If a stranger was too lazy to give out candy and left a bucket of candy outside his porch with a “take one” sign, kids win by taking as much of the best candy their little hands can hold.

5. It’s time to relax.

On Halloween, there are many awesome movies. From slashers to the traditional classics, I enjoy revisiting The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hocus Pocus, Rosemary’s Baby, Halloween, Sleepy Hollow, The Exorcist, The Omen, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Ju-on, Psycho, and Alien.

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