5 reasons why we should use Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Probably, we all have ever heard about VPN or Virtual Private Network. It is mostly known for being one of the best ways of regaining privacy on the Internet. However, that is not the only thing that VPN can do. VPN also has a lot of things bringing great benefits in work and information security. Let’s find out more about VPNs in the article below.

Protect when using public wifi

One of the great reasons to use a VPN is to protect yourself when accessing the internet using a public wifi network. You pay daily to use wifi, which does not mean that it is safe for your personal information.

You need to be aware of the fact that public wifi networks are not encrypted and do not guarantee the security of users. Anyone who know little about technology can easily see your internet activity. You don’t need to be an excellent hacker to know how to interfere with unencrypted wifi signals.

Streaming data is available wherever you are

You should not trust public wifi, and you need to know this before doing anything with such a network. It is better to spend a few dollars a month and signing up for a VPN service, it will encrypt and protect your surfing while you connect to the internet through a public connection.

The best way to watch movies and TV shows is to ‘stream’ from websites like Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and many other websites. Unfortunately, according to the copyright agreement between these streaming companies and content copyright side, these services are not available to the majority of people living outside the United States. These services are expanding step by step, but if you live or travel to a country without these streaming services, you can use a VPN to bypass blocking.

The way it works is quite simple. VPN allows you to easily change your IP address, preventing anyone from knowing where you are. You can log into VPN while in Moscow and transfer your IP address to New York, which causes your internet traffic to think it is coming from New York.

VPN will allow you to unlock these services very fast as well as easy to install and use.

Unlimited Internet access at work and school

If you are a college student or an employee in a big company, you may have to follow an internet usage policy. You may be blocked from using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and even your online email account.

VPN can easily get you out of these conditions and connect to websites that are already blocked or restricted.

VPN will prevent anyone from collecting information about your online activity. We do not encourage you to start breaking the law of a university or institution. Use this knowledge and make your best assessments.

Another great way to use a VPN is to protect yourself when using peer to peer file sharing (P2P). For obvious reasons, the Motion Picture Association of America and the same organizations are constantly trying to prevent people who share files from infringing upon their intellectual property.

VPN will slightly slow down your trunk line, but it’s a small price to prevent what you download and upload from being seen by the authorities. It is obvious that we don’t need to compare anything to pay for privacy and protection.

Overcome censorship in distant countries

Similar to the third point of this article about bypassing company or university internet policies, VPN can also be used to free you from excessive control or internet censorship. Countries like Iran, Thailand, Russia, China, Cuba, Syria, the United Arab Emirates, and many other countries prevent citizens from having free access to the global network. As we saw in the Arab Spring in Egypt, the Internet can be used as a great political tool to spread information and organize a revolution.

The good news is that VPN can help you bypass internet censorship and avoid restrictive internet policies. The VPN will completely secure your internet activity, give you a fake location, give you complete internet freedom.

Protect your privacy

This is not very clear, but it should be mentioned. You have internet privacy, this is simple. No one can take away your rights – your school, your boss, your local legal authority. It is time for you to regain your rights and not allow the authorities and agencies to follow you.VPN price is about $10 to $15 per month and you get a great service that lets you live a more private and secure life, both online and offline.

Additionally, you can learn more about Wildcard SSL certificate which designed for greater ease and lower operational cost to secure multiple subdomains. It supports unlimited server licensing; so, you can secure multiple subdomains under a primary domain hosted on multiple servers

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