7 of the Best Eco-Friendly, Organic, and Natural Home Decor Ideas


In a world where billions of people are trying to live greener lives, eco-friendly decorating is easier than ever.

It might surprise you to learn that natural materials like bamboo and hemp can turn into something as soft as bed sheets. But technology has come a long way in the past few decades, and it can materials that might otherwise be hard or itchy into high-demand products.

Think about the wellness and beauty industries, for instance. The organic market is growing excetionally in these areas. As consumers realize the benefits of using eco-friendly materials, all-natural home decor is becoming more popular.

Ready to see why so many people are making the switch to green home decor? Bring one or more of these ideas into your house, and you’ll be hooked, too!

Eco friendly product: towell & wooden bar

1. Carpeting

Your current carpet and other fabrics may be functional and stylish, but they could be hazardous to your health.

New carpets have an unmistakable smell to them that you might love! But that’s because they contain carcinogens such as formaldehyde, acetone, ethylbenzene, toluene, and styrene.

This is especially scary if you have little ones or pets who use the carpet as their primary crawling/sniffing area. 

Older carpeting often contains toxins, too. Phthalates and known endocrine disruptors are in the fabrics. Flame-retardant and stain-resistant treatments can be full of harmful chemicals.

Watch for perfluorinated compounds (PFCs), commonly found in fire-resistant and waterproof carpets. These chemicals are popular in a lot of products today, but they're dangerous. 

They never break down on their own in the environment. They’re extremely toxic and can build up in your body, resulting in a lot of chronic health conditions.

Aim for non-toxic carpeting with sustainable, organic materials instead. If you have to go the synthetic route, check the ingredient list for the chemicals you’re trying to avoid.

2. Mattresses and Boxsprings

As with your carpet, the mattress and boxspring you’re sleeping on are probably full of allergens and harmful chemicals.

Mattresses have something in them called volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. These gaseous chemicals are there to “keep you safe” by making the mattress flame retardant, but they’re released while you sleep and can be toxic.

The good news is that a lot of manufacturers are trying to lower their carbon footprints. Many of them are trying to eliminate hazardous chemicals from their products. Finding an eco-friendly mattress and boxspring is easier than ever, and it doesn’t hurt your pocket as much as it used to!

3. Bed Sheets and Linens

Your bed sheet material really does make a difference in the quality of your sleep. Factors like thread count and ingredients are the first things to look at. From there, you can decide on patterns and colors.

Organic and natural materials can make some of the softest, most breathable sheets you’ve ever slept on. Look for sheets made from 100% organic materials like:

  • Cotton

  • Bamboo

  • Hemp

  • Linen

  • Percale

This industry is on the rise, so it should be simple to find patterns and colors you love in a natural material. You might just find that a change of sheets gives you the best sleep ever.

4. Indoor Greenery

Artificial plants used to be the go-to choice for decorating in the ‘90s. But these plastic alternatives to the real thing are out the window now.

Greenery adds an aesthetic touch to any room. If it was just for looks, though, the artificial plants would be fine!

Living plants have physical and mental benefits that make greenery a must-have in every home.

Plants have been linked to lowered stress levels, improved attention spans, increased productivity, and better moods. Physically, they may help boost your immune system and aid in faster recovery when you’re sick.

With advantages like these, it’s worth the occasional watering and pruning that come with caring for a plant.

5. Sustainable Wood

If you’re remodeling, consider using sustainable wood. This eco-friendly alternative to concrete and other materials has a lot of benefits.

Wooden doors, furniture, and floors are becoming increasingly popular. Part of this is because the rustic look is trending, but it’s also due to the advantages of sustainable wood, like:

  • It’s a renewable resource with a lower carbon footprint than other materials.

  • The right wood can be durable and long lasting.

  • It retains more heat than ceramic, making it energy efficient.

  • Everything about it is biodegradable and recyclable.

A lot of manufactured wood looks like sustainable wood. Be careful about who you purchase your materials from, and make sure they offer wood that is FSC certified.

6. Eco-friendly Paint and Wallpaper

Those VOCs in your bed are probably also in the paint covering your walls. Stripping the paint and replacing it with non-toxic wallpaper or no-VOC paint is a moderate DIY project.

If you're comfortable with it, even your walls can be eco-friendly.

You don’t want to use chemical-stripping products when the goal is to be natural. Look for Soy-based paint removers , or use a heat gun to loosen up the paint. 

After removing the paint, cover the bare walls with your favorite no-VOC paint or non-toxic wallpaper. 

7. Buy Local

The pandemic taught us a lot about our society, and one of the great things was that small, artisanal products make amazing decor.

When you shop from home-based businesses and local sellers, you have more control over the products and materials you get. You can choose natural items and trust that local businesses aren’t going to load up their products with lab-created chemicals. 

Ordering from a local business means more efficient and eco-friendly packaging, too. 

You’re supporting local artisans, getting amazing quality products, and helping the environment. It’s a win/win/win!



Home decor styles go through trends. As one theme is in vogue, another is “so last season.”

But the trend of organic, natural, and eco-friendly decorating is one that has been around for thousands of years. 

With the increase in popularity comes even more choices for you, like these seven home decor ideas!


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