12 Color Assortment Kit of Angelus has vibrant colors and is used for decoration, coloring or edging of smooth leather and vinyl products. Ideal for painting special areas on western boots, belts, tennis shoes, wallets, jackets, and more. Angelus is known as a leading company that specializes in providing the best leather care products & sneakers accessories. Their main goal is to provide customers with the information to complete any project they can come up with. Simply, you give them the question they provide the answers. They offer amazing customer service through live chat and speedy email replies. The products from paintbrush to dyes are perfect for anything leather. Many customers use Angelus products to work on anything from leather wallets to leather couches.

Iabsolutely love these paints. You can mix all the colors between each other toachieve the shade you want, you need a small of these paints to cover anygenuine or faux leather. The Starter Kit contains 12 colors in 1 professionallyselected bottle with colors that can match almost every color. Popular color:Red, Blue, Neutral, Lilac, Green, Orange, Hot Pink, Magenta, Yellow, Purple,Black, and Brown.  It also includes afive-piece assorted Angelus brush set. You can apply with a fine brush orsponge pad. Allow to dry between coats. Angelus Paint, when dry, will notcrack, peel, fade or rub off. It uses water for easy clean-up. Great for craftsand projects. Great adhesion without permeable. High flexibility so it doesn’tcrack.  Allow to dry completely beforewearing. Clean up equipment with soap and warm water. For scuff protection useone of Angelus’ many acrylic finishers in all different shines. If a dullerfinish is wanted use Angelus Duller and mix into the paint.

Thispaint is really a wonderful consistency, the pigments were perfect andbeautiful color!

If you’re thinking of  getting a 12 Color Assortment Kit, I highly recommend it. The fun aesthetic of their kit, while Angelus Direct shoe paint is the premier paint for your custom sneaker projects and Angelus does it for me.  If you’re worried about the cost, use my code VIBEWITHADE for a discount. If you do the math with how many times you’re going to use it, it will definitely be worth the investment.

Let me know if you have any more questions!

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