8 Products For People Who Take April Fools’ Day Seriously

A baby beer bottle for changing the definition of the term “milk drunk” and seriously shock your friends when they see your baby drinking from it after having a few themselves.

A hilarious roll of toilet paper which wont tear, so be ready to throw them a real roll before they tear you apart instead (and so they can hear you laugh maniacally from the other side of the bathroom door).

A startlingly realistic remote control cockroach sure to scare them silly (before they get their revenge and stomp your robot roach to death).

A color-changing bath mat — it’s quickly gonna make their freshly shaved legs look a lot more menacing.

A bathe and brew box which seems insanely ridiculous, because it is. It’s also empty. And this gag box is gonna make your mom laugh out loud when she falls for it (best to fill it with a nice teapot instead).

A fake power outlet sticker to infuriate your friend with a lack of patience and a battery at 3%.

A pair of underwear to show your partner just how glad you are to have been together for so long.

An exploding golf ball that’s gonna guarantee their game will have a hilarious hazard.