Bazzle Baby Review-Style to Drool For


Bazzle Baby is a fun online store that sells paci clips, burpers (burp clothes), hair accessories, socks, Little Leggies (leg warmers), hats, and several styles of bibs. I’m crazy about the Handmade Baby Bibs that Bazzle Baby sells. They’re made by moms here in the USA, and they’re really, really cute!

About Bazzle Baby

Bazzle Baby has been establish in 2006 by a new mom,Amanda Davis, got frustrated and determined to find a solution for her drooler. Wanting Daisy Belle to stay dry and happy, but still show off her adorable outfits, Davis went to work sketching, cutting, pinning and sewing the beginning versions of the bandana bib!

When it came time for Bazzle Baby to grow, Amanda joined forces with Michaelene Cadiz in 2012 to help expand the brand so that it could provide a complete line of baby products. Shortly after, the brand struck a deal with a leading major retailer! Today, you can find the Bazzle Baby brand online, in major retailers and in specialty stores across the US.

Bazzle Baby has everything a little drooler needs.Whether she is teething or just dribbly, your baby can soothe herself with this soft plastic teether, and the Bazzle Baby will soak up all the drool! Durable and machine washable, the Bazzle Baby stays clean and at–?hand so little ones stay comfortable and happy.

What Bazzle Baby review


We are a modern family. Each product is developed like a unique family would work together: as a team. Coming up with different ideas is sometimes successful, sometimes not. Sometimes we agree, other times we don’t. Whether it’s laughing, crying, or creating – we create products with love and compassion for all types of families.


Just because babies and toddlers are little doesn’t mean they can’t have style! That’s why our new style collections are designed to look hip, exciting and empowering – both on babies and on store shelves!


Style means nothing without safety. All of our products are professionally tested and improved to keep the little loves of your life safe while keeping them dry, clean and comfortable.

The things you would love at Bazzle Baby

Products of Bazzle Baby are thick enough to keep drool from getting on clothes yet the material dries so quick

Suitable for baby who is teething or just dribbly. The bibs can soothe the pain and soak up all the drool.

Bazzle Baby shipped fast and very affordable.

Bazzle Baby Bestsellers

Banda Bib Teether 2-Pack

Your teething baby will be dry and happy with the NEW Banda Bib Teether!

The Banda Bib Teether is soft and absorbent as the Original Banda Bib, but with an added built-in teether for relieving sore gums during teething. You won’t have to worry about your baby dropping their teether, because he or she will be wearing it!

BandoBib Infinity Scarf Drool Bib – 2-Pack


The BandoBib is the cutest new accessory for a little drooler. This infinity scarf-style bib catches every dribble and is a fashionable accessory for every outfit! The BandoBib is made of soft, stretchy fabric that will allow it to sit close to your baby’s chin and fit comfortably all day. And with this 2-pack, your little one will be ready to Drool in Style all day!

Chew Mitt Teething Mitten


Teething pain got your baby in the dumps? Provide safe and natural teething pain relief with the Chew Mitt! Your baby will love the nubby texture and crinkly mitt and they will always have relief at hand.

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