Benefits of Amla Powder – A natural Agent for Your Healthcare

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It is common knowledge that berries and natural herbs undoubtedly are filled with more nutrients, vitamins, and other natural elements. One particular herb, Gooseberry, also known as amla is a ground-up leave that offers many benefits.

The Amla Powder, in particular, has many anti-inflammatory effects, making it suitable to use in many healthcare products.

But does it really live up to the hype? Are these natural herbs suitable for all types of skins? Let's find out!

How Amla can Benefit Our Hair Growth

Amla Powder can help us in:

  • Promoting Hair Growth
  • Minimize Grays
  • Treat Head Lice
  • Boost hair volume
  • Improve the tone of henna for hair dye
  • Condition your scalp

What Amla is Made off?

The Hair Superfood is rich with Carotene, Vitamin B & C, Calcium, and iron - That all contribute to providing organic results. In many Asian countries, Amla goes way back into the Hinduism culture. Many people use it for cooking as well as making traditional remedies.

In case you're wondering, Yes! The powder is safe to consume by itself. Though the taste is bitter, sour, and fibrous. 

Where to Buy Amla?

Amla is available in both powder and berries form. Typically, it's easily available in Powdered form. The berries appearance is greenish-yellow with a fibrous type inner texture. The berries are processed and crushed to make powder form, making them rich brown in color.

When buying online, make sure that the product is 100% natural Amla Powder for hair. Some companies mix the powder with other preservatives to increase the lifespan. Make sure you read the Instruction before making the actual purchase.

Amla Powder package

Top 5 Benefits of Amla Powder

  1. Amla Benefits Hair

There are tons of benefits that Amla powder can provide for your hair growth. Amla, like curry leaves, is proven a tonic for natural hair. In fact, it is already being used in many hair color dyes.

The powder helps slow down graying, strengthens hair follicles, increase blood circulation, and prevent dandruff. It also acts like a natural conditioner making your hair shinier and thicker from the outside. You can also mix amla powder with henna to make a hair dye.

  1. It helps fight cold

Alma Powder is rich with Vitamin C, which is a basic supplement to help fight the common cold.

  1. It burns Fat

Another exciting benefit of Amla is that it helps to burn body fat. Craving is the most common factor that leads to excess weight gain. There's a protein present in Amla that can help prevent cravings in the human body. Regular consumption before meals can help you eat the right amount of food your body requires.

Alma powder can also boost metabolism. It is rich with acids like tannic and fiber content which helps revive constipation, making you less - Chubby.

  1. It improves Skin Problems

Have pores and age-lines on your face? Amla is the best anti-aging fruit that one can consume. Consumption of amla can give you glowing and blemish-free skin.

  1. It improves eyesight

Studies show that carotene in alma help improves vision. Daily consumption of the fruit has also been linked with cataract problems, itching, watering of eyes, reddening, and intraocular tension (eye pain).

There are tons of other benefits that Amla powder provides, not to mention, pairing it with other herbs can double the benefits.

Using Amla Powder on Hair

Many henna hair dyes include amla powder. It is mainly used to increase hair growth and help improve blood circulation levels. Always consult with a professional colorist, in case your henna dye doesn't include amla powder. Don't try this on your own.

Patch Test

Not all of us have the same skin type. We always recommend you to do a patch test before performing a full application. This helps understand if your body is capable of the ingredient or not.


The application method depends on your usage and hair dye color. Be careful to follow the label if you're using henna hair dye. General guideline Suggests that:

  • You should cover your entire head with the patch solution
  • Make sure the paste is coated on your scalp as well
  • Let the mixture reside for the appointed time. Don't take it off, until the time is up
  • Rinse your hair once the time is up

The bottom Line

More research is required to understand the true benefits of Amla Powder.

While it may seem safe to use, you should always consult with your doctor for regular guidelines. Not all herbs are suitable for everyone. So, it is always recommended that you appoint more established prescription treatments.