Best 2019 Planners For Your Goals

1. BestSelf Co the Self Journal

  • Breaks down big goals into digestible 90-day chunks
  • A comprehensive goal-setting-and-tracking system with reflection all in one
  • A lot of valuable material for getting started on goal-setting



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Doesn't expire

2. Day-Timer Distressed Look Starter Set Organizer

  • A place for the items to be done today, a schedule, and also a page for writing and taking notes
  • Notes can be written next to the appointment
  • Remind you of any important information


3. Day-Timer Refill 2019, Two Page per Day, January 2019 — December 2019

  • Reminders to get new pages for the new year
  • Easy for busy career people


4. 2019 Weekly Simplified Planner

  • Truly simplifies your day
  • Different styles of the weekly planner that are still available


5. Kokuyo Jibun Techo 2019 Diary A5

  • The monthly pages work like a master planner
  • The weekly pages keep you oriented
  • The journal’s card-holder insert doubles duty as a wallet.


How To Choose The Right Planner

In spite of the popularity of the digital calendars and other mobile apps, many people choose to stick with the traditional paper planners, and for good reason – a person who aspires to get a little order in his or her life knows well the advantages a paper planner has.

Many people prefer to use paper planners due to the countless benefits of the physical act of writing down an appointment or a reminder. These people are convinced that using a pen to jot in a notepad helps them remember their appointments, reminders, and items on their to-do lists easily.

Moreover, many studies have shown that while writing things down, people tend to perceive, process and digest the information better.

In fact, it does make sense. The process of writing helps prioritize the important things better and indeed organize them in the most convenient way, both in mind and on a paper.

If someone looks for the opportunity to create a system that works best for them and values the possibility to personalize the things, paper notebooks are going to be a great tool. Again, this depends on how much one believes that longhand feels more creative and individual.