According to recent research the beauty industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry which is known to stay strong even in times of economic strife. Though consumers tend to be more price conscious during an economic downturn, they do not stop spending on beauty products. Therefore, in today’s environment of rising per capita income, there is immense scope for growth in the beauty business. The list of beauty products that are launching is already seriously impressive. Below you’ll discover smarter-than-ever skin care, phenomenal foundations, the first-ever completely customized hair oil, and so much more from some of our favorite brands including Shiseido, Clinique, Living Proof, Pantene, and Make Up For Ever,etc. So start saving, get scrolling, and mark your calendars for all the 5 top beauty brands launches about to hit store shelves.

5.Gold Boutique


At Gold Boutique, fashion and jewelry come together! This is exactly the best place for you to find beautiful, limited edition, fashion jewelry collections. They just design the cutest updates to a classic favorite. In their site, you can find trendy engagement, wedding, rings, necklaces, earring, bracelets, and jewelry for men,etc

The first,from one of the UK’s best kept jewellery secrets to one of the web’s fastest growing jewellery stores, Gold Boutique has quickly evolved into a leading jewellery and fashion brand.
By utilising state of the art manufacturing techniques and cutting edge design processes, Gold Boutique brings you the very latest jewellery designs for less.
The second,thier three step philosophy is simple: Quality, design and affordability. It’s no wonder the Gold Boutique brand has gone from strength to strength. Celebrity endorsed and critically acclaimed, the Gold Boutique jewellery collections will set pulses racing.
In conclusion,we never stop. Each week we launch brand new and exciting collections. We’re 24/7: we eat, sleep and breathe jewellery. Not that we’re after recognition, but our hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. Our team of dedicated jewellery nuts have been nominated for many awards, such as the National Jewellery Awards 2016 and the Digital Entrepreneur Awards 2017.


SHOP Chanel

Chanel has been helping women to enhance their natural beauty. Thanks to the Chanel cosmetics range, you can add a glamorous touch to your life without blowing your budget. One of the most well-known beauty brands in the world, offers an advanced selection of high-quality makeup, skincare, and fragrance products.Although the prices may still be higher than those of other beauty brands, Chanel’s high-quality products are worth the extra dollars.

3.Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown is know as the best beauty brand in providing innovative and high-quality cosmetics that make women of all skin types smile. This brand is created by the expert makeup artist of the same name, Bobbi Brown.The label, which focuses on enhancing natural beauty, believes “a woman is most beautiful when she looks and feels like herself.


NYX, the brand’s skincare, makeup and fragrance products combine science and beauty to achieve the perfect blend of modern thinking and timeless style. The label, which is now available in over 70 countries, is known for its exceptional quality, rich pigments, and affordable prices.


MAC, The brand specializing in catering to makeup lovers of all ages, races and genders.MAC is a beauty brand that celebrates diversity and individuality.So, no matter who you are, you’ll be able to find beautiful makeup to suit your skin type at MAC.

Consumers in the beauty and personal care (BPC) products market are extensively demanding for innovative and multifunctional beauty products. Manufacturers seek to cater to this demand and expand their product portfolio to meet consumer needs with the best beauty brands 

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