Top 6 Best Eye Lashes Brands Based On Reviews 2019

Lilly Lashes

  • desired by Hollywood’s biggest celebrities
  • exclusive lash collections
  • highest quality eye lashes
  • sit on the lashline comfortably
  • long-lasting
  • worn by hundreds of Hollywood celebrities
  • 100,000+ five-star review

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Huda Beauty

  • fastest-growing beauty brands
  • great in style and quality of lashes
  • reusable lashes
  • suit to most of eye shapes
  • products are created in the lab


  • variety of effects, from natural-looking to full to dramatic
  • easy to apply
  • long lasting
  • beautifully natural in color and volume

House of lashes

  • quality, cruelty-free lashes
  • multi-layered premium styles
  • designed to enhance all eye shapes
  • light weight thin band


  • ultra thin and flexible lash
  • handcrafted lashes
  • highest quality, luxury materials
  • light-weight and soft lash hairs
  • all-day comfort and easy application


  • cruelty-free
  • great quality
  • formulated without parabens and phthalates
  • safe for contact lens wearers

Factors you should pay attention when using fake eyelashes

#1.Choose appropriate false eyelashes

Based on your eye shape to choose the right fake eyelashes will give you the most perfect beauty when using fake eyelashes.

With an eyelid eye: should choose beam fake eyelashes, but when attaching lashes, you will spend more effort and time.

With round eyes: The type of y-piece or fish bone is most suitable.

With long and small eyes: should not choose too long eyelashes, choose sharply curved eyelashes to overcome weaknesses. Slender lashes are also suitable in this case.

Besides, you should choose eyelashes from reputable brands. Though the price may be a little higher, however, at least you will be sure about the quality, it’s much more important. Among eyelashes brands above, Lilly Lashes stands on top of suggestion. Its quality is proven by hundreds of Hollywood celebrities, so there’s no doubt about it. About the price, of course, the smartest way to lower the cost is by using coupon codes and discount code. Apply the following code and get 15% off when checking out at Lilly Lashes!


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#2.Cut fake eyelashes

False eyelashes usually don’t fit real eyelashes but much longer. So, before attaching eyelashes you need to cut false eyelashes, remove excess eyelashes. Avoid making false eyelashes too long that will cause your eyelashes to collapse, making your eyes smaller and less sexy.

In order to have the correct length of false eyelashes to match you, you should measure the false eyelashes into the real lashes and when you cut the fake eyelashes, cut both the top and bottom of the eyelashes instead of just cutting one side.

#3.Use glue

Apply lash glue directly to the lash, slowly and carefully to prevent the glue from sticking to the eyes. Stick glue on your eyelashes. There are also fake eyelashes that are already stuck glue on the market, then you just need to attach fake eyelashes to your eyelashes.

#4.Apply lashes

After applying glue on your eyelashes, you need to be skillful to attach false eyelashes. To achieve the highest accuracy, you should use the false eyelash tweezers placed in the middle of the real eyelashes, then attach the remaining eyelashes. Repeat this operation with the other eye.

When wearing make-up, you can use eyeliner or mascara with eyelashes, but don’t overdo it.

Note: All operations with false eyelashes need to be done gently, slowly and accurately because the false eyelashes are so weak that they easily break or not give you perfect beauty.