Top 5 Best Flat Iron Brands Based On Review 2019


EAP Heat

  • Three layers of ceramic
  • Ultramodern flat iron technology
  • Designed with a cutting-edge line
  • Helps eliminate unnecessary frizzing
  • Effectively straighten your hair

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  • Smart Heat Sensor
  • Floating Plate Desig
  • Ceramic Heat Technology
  • 50% Less Breaking & Splitting = 50% Less Damage!

Cloud Nine

  • One-Touch Temperature Control
  • Ceramic Plates
  • 360° Swivel Cord
  • Ideal For Medium To Long Hair
  • Heats In As Little As 20 Seconds!

ISA Professional

  • Innovative Mirror Titanium Plates
  • Neon LCD Background Displa
  • Heats Between 265° F And 450° F
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Designed To Be Used Perpendicularly To Hair For Minimal Pulling

Chi Air

  • Tourmaline Ceramic Plates
  • Far Infrared Technology
  • Utilizes Negative Ions For Superior Shine
  • Heats Up In Just One Minute
  • Temperatures Range Between 180° F And 410° F

7 most popular mistakes you should avoid when straightening hair at home

Straighten your hair when it’s wet

Before clamping, hair needs to be removed from natural dirt and oil for the head to be excreted with a clean wash. Drying until hair is dry and damp. If you hear the hissing noise, stop immediately, completely dry before continuing.

Do not use lotion

Applying lotion is essential that you must remember. After stretching, your hair has to endure high temperatures for such a long time, it will become much weaker. A little cream/hair spray will protect your hair.

Stretching again and again

Even if the temperature is low or high, stretching hair more than 3 times “contributes” to damage the hair. Choose the right temperature for the hair type, try to straighten your hair with 1 to 2 pulls.

Wrong temperature

Extremely high temperatures will burn the hair, this is no stranger. But keeping the heat setting low will force you to squeeze more into your hair to get the straight hair and this is no less bad.
With difficult-to-straighten hair types such as thick, hard hair, curly hair, etc., adjust the temperature to around 190 to 210 degrees Celsius. With damaged hair, you should choose the lower temperature of 180 degrees C and start with the lowest temperature then gradually increase if necessary. 180 to 190 degrees Celsius is the temperature for normal, healthy hair.

Stretch your hair for a while

Do you think this way will save time? The truth is that you have to stretch many times so that your hair will be straight as you want. Besides, the outer layer of hair is too hot while the inner layer does not get enough heat. It is important to ensure hair gets the same amount of heat.

Straighten your hair straight

Don’t try to pull your hair too straightly as it makes the hair hurt badly and the beauty of your hair looks unnatural.

Spray gel

Using a gel to fix the hair before stretching is a disastrous mistake. The gel usually contains alcohol and when alcohol combined with high temperatures will cause your hair to burn, brittle and become weak. You should save this operation after you’ve finished straightening your hair.






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