20 Best Makeup & Beauty Products for Teens

Unicorn Snot Glitter Gel


Every teen needs a jar of Unicorn Snot that she can depend on for the times she wants to add a dose of magical shimmer to her skin or hair. The glittery gel is available in other colors like silver, purple, yellow, and green, too.

SHANY Carry All Makeup Train Case


Makeup kits like this are a dream come true for the teen who has a secret shoebox underneath her bed filled with tools and products to glam up. It includes over 20 shades of makeup that are ready to apply, so your tween or teen will have fun experimenting with different lipsticks, blushes, eyeshadows, and more! The kit even includes applicators and a mirror so she can see what she’s doing.

Glitter Silicone Makeup Sponges


Teens are expert experimenters when it comes to new beauty trends on YouTube or Instagram, and right now, blending layers of face makeup is in. What better blender is there for a teen than a glitter one? Hmm? 

Neutrogena Skinclearing Blemish Concealer

$6.75 (20% off)

Plenty of pretty teens deal with acne spots and scars that can leave even the most confident people feeling less than cool walking into school during a breakout. This is a lifesaver for teens with acne. The best part? This concealer contains ingredients to treat blemishes, too. 

LA Girl Pro High Definition Concealer


For teens with darker skin, it’s common to feel self-conscious about uneven skin tone or spots. This little tube of concealer will do the trick and leave your teen feeling ready to slay the school day. 

Unicorn Makeup Brush Set


Um, yes — all teens want a full set of makeup brushes. Times are different now, and girls want to have every tool at their fingertips to try out their favorite online makeup tutorials. It’s just a bonus that this full set is unicorn-inspired.

Caboodles Sea Foam Case


Teens can get pretty sloppy with their makeup, so it’s best to make sure there’s an easy-to-wipe-clean case nearby for storage purposes. This option has a deep base for storing all of the goods, and there are two separate trays that elevate out of the box once it’s opened. The case contains a mirror, too! Plus, there’s one thing teens and parents agree on: Eyeshadow ground into the carpet — or mascara marks on the grout — is so not cool. 

Cushion Blusher

The Face Shop

This blusher is cute and easy to use. It’s the perfect pick for a teen who wants to add some rosiness to her cheeks before a movie date, even though she’ll be blushing anyway! We see you in the back row, Dad. 

e.l.f. Contour Palette


If you have a teen at home wearing makeup, she’s going to want to contour her heart out. Just keep an eye on her before she leaves the house the first few times she gives it a go. Things can get a little streaky and strange … 

Black Radiance True Complexion Creme Contour Palette

Black Radiance

This is the perfect contour palette for teens with darker skin to achieve the trendy look. Remind her: Blend and snap! 

Tony Moly Petit Bunny Gloss Bar

Tony Moly

Give your beauty bunny a cute lipgloss to stick in her backpack or purse before a night with friends. The sheer color won’t be too much, and she’ll love each swipe that’s packed with vitamin E and a yummy fruity scent. 

UCANBE Highlighter Palette


Though you can’t highlight your way to a high school diploma, your teen will act like she can. Watch her strut into school after swiping on this highlighter. The best part? It’s super subtle, so if she messes up, it’ll be hard to tell. 

overgirl Cheekers Blendable Powder Blush

$3.44 (27% off)

This staple blush by Covergirl is perfect for beginner makeup artists who just want to add a touch of color to those cute cheeks. One swipe is all you need. Tell her to smile big and apply in a circular motion on the apples of her cheeks. Ready for the school pic? 

Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Tool

Etude House

Brows are still hot in 2018, and any cosmetic-coveting teen just won’t be able to go on without her (or his) very own brow pencil. This tool features a brow comb on the end so the eyebrows are always sculpted perfectly and looking Snapchat-worthy. Add a touch of clear mascara to keep them in place throughout the entire school day. 

ChapStick DUO Full Lip Balm


This ChapStick tastes like a first kiss — you know, pink cupcakes and cotton candy! Teens can collect a few different flavors to snap and swap the lip moisturizer to create fun combinations. Just don’t trade with friends … 

Covergirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner


If your teen is ready for black eyeliner, she’ll love this popular drugstore option by Covergirl. It’s easy to handle, so her wings or waterline will look even and put-together. 

Lip Smacker Liquid Lip Gloss Friendship Pack


This liquid, flavored gloss by Lip Smacker will be your teen’s favorite thing to reach for when she’s getting ready for a girls’ day at the mall or applying quickly before the bell rings. 

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BareMinerals Get Started Complexion Kit

Bare Minerals

Know a teen who can’t wait to experiment with face makeup? Whether her skin tone is uneven and she wants to use something to correct it, or she’s just a beauty queen who wants to get her hands dirty and experiment, this starter kit is gentle enough for teens who don’t usually pack on the makeup.

Pucker Pops Fudgecicle Makeup Palette


This adorable pucker pop is so freaking cute, any teen would be so excited to show it off to her friends. When you open it up, there are different colors to choose from, so her lips always look on fleek. In addition to five lipgloss options, this set includes two eyeshadow shades.