The 5 most innovative products at CES 2018

2019 moved fast and was full of chaos. Every year, the world’s consumer electronics trade fair CES was held in Las Vegas. With the participation of many technology companies and the latest modern technologies.Our Goal? To find the most innovative products announced at CES 2018.

1.The Wall

Recently, Samsung has released a new television ” The Wall”. It has feature an incredible 146-inch diagonal sreen and 4K sreen resolution.Its interest is that it is made by modular diode technology (MicroLED) that emit light separately and do not require any backlighting or colour filters. MicroLED technology offers a long display life, lower power consumption and high image quality.

2.The PowerDoplhin

New technology called “The PowerDolphin” that looks like drones in the water is capable of capturing 4K videos and photos underwater. It use sonar to create topographical maps of he ocean floor.

3.The Samsung Flip

The smart ”whiteboard” Samsung Flip works as a digital display.You can draw on the Flip like a regular whiteboard, but it is also capable of screen-sharing with other devices via near-field communication (NFC) and it features tons of cool touch controls.

4.Merge 6DoF Blaster

It’s not that surprising that Merge 6DoF Blaster are so high on the list this year.Virtual reality startup Merge has introduced a new toy – gun called “Merge 6DoF Blaster”, which essentially opens up the possibility of laser tag in augmented reality. The blaster tracks your movement in real time, allowing for crazy multiplayer shootouts in your living room.

5.Cloudious 9 Hydrology 9

It is not surprising that Portable vaporizers are so high on the list this year.Instead of going smaller, startup Cloudious 9 went bigger. It has introduced new and awesome vaporizers Hydrology 9 that combine vaporization with a water pipe design.

With the holidays of gift-giving behind us, it’s time to reflect on the impressive year we’ve had. In short (and like every other year), 2018 brought innovation to all new levels with incredible technology. Of course, a new idea doesn’t necessarily mean success. Innovation isn’t just about a new technology or design. It’s about the implementation of the technology and contribution it makes to our society. Here’s our roundup of the most innovative products we’ve featured over the past year.

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