Best product for puffy eyes and dark circles- How to Get Rid of Dark Circles

Bags under eyes — mild swelling or puffiness under the eyes — are common as you age. With aging, the tissues around your eyes, including some of the muscles supporting your eyelids, weaken. Normal fat that helps support the eyes can then move into the lower eyelids, causing the lids to appear puffy. Fluid also may accumulate in the space below your eyes, adding to the swelling. Below is best product for eyes and dark wrinkles that may be concern.

1. CeraVe Eye Repair Cream

CeraVe Eye Repair Cream

This highly emollient formula practically evaporates on contact and moisturizes without leaving a shiny finish. It contains a cocktail of high-tech ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and skin-lightening niacinamide to suppress dark shadows. The drugstore price is nice, too.

2. Olay Eyes Illuminating Eye Cream

At first glance, you’d be justified in confusing the pearlescent formula for an illuminator. After applying this easy-to-blend cream, mineral pigments go to work, diffusing light to detract from stubborn under-eye circles. In addition to its eye-brightening benefits, it’s also loaded with anti-aging actives like niacinamide (to fade dark spots), vitamin E (to defend against environmental aggressors), and an anti-wrinkle peptide (to smooth creases and crow’s-feet).

3. OLEHENRIKSEN Banana Bright Eye Crème

OLEHENRIKSEN Banana Bright Eye Crème

This might be the internet’s current favorite eye cream for treating dark-eye circles. It has over 2,000 four-star reviews at Sephora, we’ve tested it and loved it (and so has Strategist too). The secret is in a mix of Vitamin C, a proven ingredient for hyperpigmentation and brightening, and a “secret pigment” (most likely from the yellow color of the cream) that deflects and lightens the gray and purple tones of dark eye shadows.

4. Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector

Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector

Is it a concealer? Is it an eye cream? After trying this lightly tinted formula, we’ve determined it’s both — although those with darker tones may need to layer a separate concealer to be safe. Dispensed from a cooling metal tip (which provided relief to puffy eyes), the sheer, lightweight consistency helps disguise dark circles and leaves the thin skin in this area significantly smoother. Bonus: It was rated five stars by cosmetics cop Paula Begoun due to its impressive blend of antioxidants and plant extracts.

5. TATCHA The Pearl Tinted Eye Illuminating Treatment

TATCHA The Pearl Tinted Eye Illuminating Treatment

Similar to the Ole Henrikson, this is a bit of a makeup and skin-care product in one. Silk powder, niacinimide, and plant botanicals all help to smooth lines and moisturize the under-eye area and de-puff bags. Pearl powder has a tiny bit of pigment which helps to reflect light and slightly conceal dark eye circles. Best of all, it comes in three different shades.

Above are the best product for eyes and dark wrinkles. Hopefully, after reading this article you can choose the right products.

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