The Hair Product You Need for Slicked Back Hair

Slick back hair has done the rounds as the finishing touch of a corporate uniform. It’s simple, clean, and says you’re here to get shit done. Back in the days when slicking your hair back or sweeping it to the side were the most common hairstyles (i.e. 1920s to 1960s), men had it very easy when it came to choosing hair products: from creamy pomade to Crew Forming Cream and Men Matte Separation Workable Wax. Here below are the best hair product you need for Slicked Back Hair.

1.Oil-based pomades

Oil-based pomades are the type of pomades that rockabilly guys used in the 1960s to slick back their hair into pompadours. Likewise, businessmen and the average American gentleman would also use oil-based pomades to slick their hair back (without a quiff) for a formal look. These pomades were also used to sweep the hair to the side, although hairdressing creams were sometimes preferred over oil-based pomades for the side swept hairstyle.

A picture of a classic oil-based pomade from the Black and White hair product brand

Oil-based pomades provide a strong hold and you should use them if you intend to style your hair flat and with a high shine. Your hair will remain in place throughout the day, so oil-based pomades are great for hairstyles that you want to keep flattened and shiny all day long.

2.Pomade wax

Pomade waxes provide a strong hold with a high shine to a very-high shine. The great thing about pomade waxes is that you can use them for the hairstyles suitable for both the oil-based pomades and the water-based pomades. So you can slick your hair flat or you can shape your hair up into a pompadour or brush up hairstyle with a pomade wax.

A photograph of a high-shine hair wax that also acts as a styling pomade

3.Hair fiber wax

Hair fiber is made to provide a very-strong hold while providing a medium to high shine. If you want to shape your hair o style it vertically (i.e. style it “up”) with a good amount of shine, then go with a hair fiber wax. The holding strength of hair fiber waxes is stronger than that of pomade waxes, but the shine (from hair fiber waxes) is not as high as that of pomade waxes.

A photograph of a good hair wax with a strong hold which is also known as hair putty wax

4.Hair gel

Hair gel is possibly the most-known type of men’s hair product to date. Just like with hair wax, hair gel provides a wide range of holding strengths and shine levels. Unlike hair wax, however, hair gel leaves the hair with different degrees of hardness, which is not something that everyone likes.

An image of a strong-hold hair styling gel for men

You will find that hair gels are mainly categorized by their holding strength, with these holding strengths being:

  • Low hold
  • Medium or firm hold
  • Strong hold
  • Extra-strong hold

You will also have most hair gels that you buy stating (in the product’s label) their degree of shine level, but it’s the holding strength of the hair gel that matters the most when choosing a styling gel for guys.

Hair gels, independent of holding strength, go very well with most hairstyles for men; in fact, you can use hair gel on the same hairstyles for men that are suited for hair wax. However, the main thing to consider is that hair gel will leave your hair hard to the touch and it will look plastic-like, unlike the naturally-smooth texture that most hair waxes provide.

5.Hairstyling cream

Hairstyling creams provide a natural shine to your hair while providing a low to medium holding strength. Hairstyling creams are also known as styling creams, hairdressing creams or hairdressing lotions, and the current hairstyling creams available are based on the older hairdressing creams that were popular in the 1960s as mentioned earlier.

A picture of a styling cream for men with curly hair and long hair

Modern hairstyling creams are improved versions of these older hairdressing creams, so they (hairstyling creams) provide plenty of natural shine and sheen without giving the hair any oiliness at all. This is a trait that is also shared by water-based pomades, but the main difference between a water-based pomade and a hairstyling cream is that a hairstyling cream has less hold (i.e. holding strength) than a water-based pomade.

A picture of a dapper gentleman with slicked back hair achieved with a hairdressing cream

6.Hair mousse

Hair mousse products are designed to augment the natural volume of your hair while providing a medium or firm hold. Hair mousse is dispensed as a foam, but, other than that, you use it on your hair as you’d do with any other hair product in this guide (i.e. use your fingers to coat your hair with the product and then either style your hair with your fingers, a comb or both).

A picture of a hair styling mousse for shaping curls and long hair

Hair mousse was the most popular hair product back in the 1980s with the “big hair” movement in the rock and roll (and pop) scene. If you imagine for a second the guys from Kiss or Jon Bon Jovi, well, those guys practically lived on a diet of hair mousse and hair spray. Nowadays, hair mousse continues to be used to give hair more volume and even to recreate the big-hair styles that were popular in the 1980s, although the hair mousse products available at present are way better than those available in the ’80s.

A photograph of a wavy hair guy with a middle part hairstyle done with hairstyling mousse and a blow dryer

Hopefully, summarized information in this article will help you to choose the best Products for Slicked back hair.

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