Top 5 Product Review Websites for Online Marketers

No matter what you are trying to sell (or buy), one of the easiest ways to do so and also make money online is by writing great online product reviews. In fact, about 92% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase and 40% form their opinion by reading just one to three product reviews. This makes review writing an important aspect of the work of all online marketers (including affiliates).
As an online store owner, it is important that you do not underestimate the relevance of product reviews. This is because a lot of store owners are more particular about store designs and other types of services that can encourage a customer to purchase from them. almost every prospective customer will want to get feedback from previous customers. So it is important that you encourage your customers to give product reviews after a purchase has been made. Another way to go about this is through the use of product review sites. Here we recommend a free guest post website for your reference.

1Amazon Customer Reviews

Amazon is the largest online behemoth. As you probably know, Amazon is a well-known forerunner of e-commerce, and it’s also the first online platform that enabled submitting product reviews back in 1995.

This shift has hugely helped customers make more informed purchase decisions that are based on real-life stories, authentic product use cases reported by the actual consumers of items. Amazon is still the obligatory source of information for buyers.

The rule with Amazon Customer Reviews is simple → if a product is available on Amazon, you’ll find product reviews for it. And since the platform offers numerous types of products, it’s the place to have on your list when distributing your product reviews online.

Furthermore, apart from a textual review (the description), products are typically evaluated with a five-star rating scale. Practically, those stars represent the average customer opinion about an item.

2.  Angie’s List

More than 6 million households nationwide check Angie’s List reviews to find the best local service providers, like roofers, plumbers, handymen, mechanics, doctors, and dentists.

I would call it a high-end review site that is popular among Americans. In fact, Angie’s List collects product reviews on 720+ household-related services. Its members submit over 60,000 reviews every month about the companies they employ.

angies list

Ratings are based on A-to-F grade scale. The website’s administrators monitor the quality of these reviews to make sure the platform provides only solid, honest information backed with real-life examples.

Sometimes you wonder: How to get paid to write reviews for products ? However, at Angie’s List, users pay for the monthly membership on the platform to get exclusive access to online product reviews in the household category. While payment makes the access limited, the nice thing about this community is that reviews are well-thought out. Also reviewers personal details are revealed which efficiently restrains fake messages when compared to free product reviews sites. Also, vendors can get an account on Angie’s List, so they can actually monitor opinions as they come in and actively interact with reviewers.

When you are a promoter of a company, you may consider setting up an account on Angie’s List so you can actively encourage customers to review your services on the platform.

3. Trustpilot

Trustpilot is another platform, a fast-growing, user-generated online review community. Although it originated in Denmark, it has expanded to 65 markets including the US.

The idea behind Trustpilot, similarly to other platforms included on this list → the company strives to help people buy with confidence and make smarter; more informed purchase decisions. They believe that sharing is caring, so Trustpilot wants to build trust and transparency through shared experiences.

Trustpilot is a place you can proactively promote your online business and interact with users who share their opinions. It’s frequently used among technology startups.


Just take a look at Uptowork’s Trustpilot profile:


4. Quora

Another popular user-generated platform that is both massive and often revolves around product reviews is Quora. In practice, Quora is an online knowledge market that takes the form of a questions-and-answers forum.


Quora may seem unremarkable at first glance, but it’s unique. It stands out because of its special contributors who are powerful people from Silicon Valley or politicians such as Hillary Clinton.

Quora’s viewership is constantly growing. Therefore, it makes sense to use it as a platform to spread your product reviews under the relevant questions and threads.

While membership is free, you need to ensure your content meets the quality standards and respects Quora’s guidelines when posting reviews. Well-written product reviews can be added whenever they’re relevant and if you don’t look spammy and you don’t overdo the links you won’t get banned from the platform.

Generally speaking, when Quora content writing is done right, it can generate a decent amount of stable, free traffic to your website. For this reason, it’s seen as one of the primary traffic sources by many organizations.

5. Capterra

There’s still more than that! Another smart platform for software product reviews is Capterra.

This product review platform includes over 500 product categories , and hosts over 325,000 product reviews and ratings.

It’s used by 3 million users each month, and Ahrefs reports its domain strength as 86DR, which makes it necessary for you to sign up and create your online presence immediately.


Listing on Capterra gives you access to a massive community, so you can interact and refer visitors to your website, while also promoting your online visibility in search engines. This way you can reach and attract relevant customers to your website as they are exploring the kind of software you offer.



Above all, your own site should be your most prominent product review website. Why? Because it’s always at your fingertips and you are free to submit, manage and share your thoughts with the world in an unbiased and preferable way.

So roll up your sleeves, create your online presence on all these platforms mentioned on this page, but always put your website first, when it comes to building strength, visibility, and authority.

Hope you liked my list of top 5 Product Review Websites. Was it helpful? Or perhaps I’m missing out on something? Speak your mind and let me know in the comments below. Refer more about Computer Services Redcliffe

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