Dreadlocks are ropes of hair. This style is also known as Jata, Sanskrit, dreads, or locs, which all use different methods to encourage the formation of the locs such as rolling, braiding, and backcombing.
If you’ve recently styled your hair with dreadlocks, you’ve probably just discovered that your regular shampoo doesn’t quite work!Don’t just give up on your locs because your regular shampoo doesn’t work. All you need is the RIGHT shampoo. Find that and you’ll soon be loving your dreads.Below is top 5 products to use on dreadlocks.

1. Locksteady Tropical Dreadlock Tightening Gel

Locksteady Tropical Dreadlock Tightening Gel

About the Product: The Locksteady Dreadlock Tightening Gel is a Product of utility for any dread growing man. This wax is a simple remedy for fixing frizzy hair and twisting it into dreadlocks with minimum help of rubber bands. Locksteady holds the hair in place and makes for chic looking dreads, which look effortless and prim at the same time.


  • Locksteady Tropical smells great and leaves a gentle citrusy aroma
  • Does not flake easily
  • Tightens dreadlocks into steady masses
  • Perfect for leaving in


  • Causes some build up if left in
  • Dries white on darker hair colours
  • Leaves hands feeling oily

2. Live Locs Loc and Retwist Gel for Dreadlocks

About the Product: Live Locs Retwisting Gel is the product when it comes to natural feeling, soft hold on the dreads. It is also a moisturising agent and is great for all hair types. Live Locs is a top rated dreadlock retwisting gel and is a hot favourite among the young.


  • Does not cause flaking
  • Saves time as it is to be used on wet hair
  • Cleans off easily and holds tightly


  • Leaves white residue upon drying
  • Smaller quantity than expected for the price
  • Can cause itchiness in the scalp in frizzy hair

3. Jamaican Mango and Lime Locking Hair Gel

About the Product: Jamaican Mango and Lime Locking Hair Gel is a long lasting dread holding gel which helps in maintaining tight twists which make for well-kept dreads. This gel is sweet smelling and holds the hair well.


  • Can be used and left in for longer periods
  • Holds dreads in place without rubber bands


  • Leaves white residue as it dries
  • Sometimes can remain in hair even after a wash

4. Joie Naturals MyGel Hair Styling Gel

About the Product: Joie Naturals hair styling gel is a special formula which is made to nourish the hair so it grows out thicker, and holds the dreads together in a stylish manner.


  • This is completely flake free
  • Helps in making a dread bun which is tight enough to keep in place
  • Works well on coloured hair


  • Causes itchiness in the scalp
  • Feels sticky on the palms

5. Dollylocks Aloe, Coconut and Lime Dreadlocks Tightening Gel

About the Product: Dollylocks has created a product which is highly recommended for those who want to grow and maintain dreadlocks. It is an organic formula which uses a blend of coconut and aloe to help in taming the cowlicks that might grow out in the course of time.


  • It is water soluble and washes away easily
  • Great for holding the dreads together


  • Expensive for the quantity sold
  • Leaves white residue as is common with products of the same range
  • Loosens within one day of application

These are the best products to use on dreadlocks that you should try. Every hair will need a different product to take care of it. Have a nice day and choose the best one for you.

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