Top 10 Great Products To Buy At Aliexpress in 2019

Aliexpress has been a successful global retailer for years. There are a lot of quality products that are consumed by a large number of people in the world. Let’s take a look at the top 10 Aliexpress products and see which one you could consider buying.

1. Xiaomi Redmi Smartphones (Global Version)


Is Xiaomi conquering the world with its budget phones? Oh yes! Every time the launch of these new phones wow people all over the world. Now all these phones are on global version shipping worldwide.

These new smartphones are now available on Aliexpress with this particular store we have curated selling these budget smartphone at awesome prices.

Warranty of Xiaomi Smartphone on Aliexpress

Now we all know your concern. – What happens next after purchase?

These phones come with 1-2 years of warranty depending on where you stay. Warranty applies to countries like Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, UK and EU countries like Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Poland). Turkey is included too.

If the countries are not covered by Xiaomi Global Warranty, the phones come with 1 year seller warranty.

Here is the STORE we recommended with worldwide shipping

2. Anker SoundCore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker


These novelty style portable speaker by is no1 for a reason – Anker is one of the good brands in China you shouldn’t miss. They manufacture speakers, headphone, cables and charger.

This typical speaker we are putting as the top spot is a lightweight wireless Bluetooth accessory must have. Imagine waking up every day with your favourite music playing in the room. This is done simply by a tap on your smartphone.

How simple!

One of the best Chinese speaker brand on Aliexpress. Oh they do carry different smartphone accessories too. Quality trusted!

3. i30 TWS Airpod Clone (Launched 24 April 2019)


The newest version of fake airpod on Aliexpress. This wireless piece enabled am awesome sound experience, long time sound and an 5.0 Bluetooth enabled feature. As compared to i12, 13, i20 tws this i30 has all the features you need.

This is one of the hottest item you should get yourself this 2019. i30 TWS was rolled out in late April 2019 with the combination of

  1. Wireless Charging
  2. Magnetic earbud charging
  3. 1:1 Real apple airpod size
  4. Smart Controls
  5. Affordable price range
  6. W1 Chip with pop up screen

4. 900ml Air Humidifier


We like the design of this humidifier. Fits your living room and study room perfectly. The large size 900ml enable you to enjoy more than 18 hours of hydrating and moisturising. Another awesome feature is its 9-hour automatic power off protection.

Watch this video to see how this awesome product works.

5. Wireless GamePad for iPhone/Android


Wireless or Joystick? Why not both? We bring you the most interesting product that can blow up your mind. This gamepad is one of the hottest must get items on Aliexpress this year! Equipped with wireless Bluetooth tech, this can support Android 3.2 and above. iOS 7-9.2.

Games supported include:  1) App store: Such as for Gunman Clive, for Helium Boy, for League of Evil League of Evil 2, or Muffin Knight Free Stardash, for Temple the Run, and so on. 2) Android: for Wild blood, for Dungeon Hunter, for Zombie, for FC simulator, for Shadow gun, for Riptide GP, etc.

This is something very unique.

6. Robotime DIY Action and Toy Figure + Clockwork Music Box (Perfect Gift)


Can’t take my eyes off you – That is the music play for this DIY Wooden Robot. This is the perfect gift for anyone this Christmas. This store that retails this amazing DIY gift set is able to ship product from the US and UK. So it means you get to get your package less than a week if you are from the states.

7. Bluedio Sports Bluetooth Headset


Bluedio is a household name in China. The quality vs the price is a no match for other Chinese headphone brands. You can land yourself a good deal by buying this WIRELESS, BLUETOOTH ENABLED headset for just less than $15. The headset is made up of comfortable itch resistant material and hence the product is quite popular among the youngsters.

Be it a gift for you or your friends and family, this is one of our top picks. The BEST part about the Bluedio official store is that products ships from China, US, Germany, Spain, Australia, Russia, France, Brazil, Turkey, and Ukraine.

8. Ingenious Backpack for Men


It’s time to replace your travel bag! This smart invention allows you to put up your jacket or shirt without having fold lines. You can convert from a flat garment bag into a well travelled Duffle bag.

Shoutout: Functional AND Waterproof.  

Guys can hook up these bags to look more fashionable.

Now look at the design of these. Comes in 5 different colors and designs.

9. Tempered Glass for iPhone XS, XR, 8, 7, 6


Get Protected! This store has some of the best cheap products and now they are available on in 15 different colors. These tempered glasses have 9H scratch resistant with just 2.5D fine grinding.

Do take note these protectors are for iPhone only.

If you would like a better coverage, go for the latest 10D. The price will definitely not hurt your pocket

10. Android TV Box


No doubt about it when we mentioned everyone loves to watch TV shows. There are so many TV boxes and why should we select this as one of the top-selling product on Aliexpress? H96 is compact and is by far one of the better android tv box I have used. Fast to load and with good internet speed, you can literally watch anything and surf anything online.

Simple: the store DMYCO is one of the top sellers on the portal. Get a 4k TV Box for less than $50. Watch Netflix, Amazon Prime today!



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