What to Sell Online in 2019: These Are Top 10 Selling Products in America

Finding products that can sell the best is no easy task, especially when there is high competitiveness on the online market. In such a condition, you should be unique in order to make more money. These are the Top 10 Selling Products in America that are trending now in 2019. Take a look to see if you can draw any lesson from them. If you are a customer, this list can be a good suggestion for your buying decisions.

1. Portable Blender – Blendjet One


A portable blender is great for fitness enthusiasts and the trend to stay fit is rising in 2019. Many people have made it their resolution to stay fit and what is the best way to do that? Through a healthy diet. The juice lets them do that it is available from multiple companies but the best one is Blendjet.

2. Spider Nail Gel


Girls simply love to polish their nails and a new trend of nail polish is spider nail gel.

The gel is a mixture of glitter and paint. The bottle comes with both mixed together and will spread a fine line of sparkling paint on the nails if applied.

3. Wireless Phone Chargers


Wireless phone chargers are the next big thing in smartphone accessories. Why? People are fed up with regular charging devices. They all come with a wire.

It’s a better idea to start selling wireless phone chargers on your ecommerce store. You can directly import wireless chargers from manufacturers, or dropship the product to your estore.

4. Face Shield


People love to look cool and what is the best way to make them so than face shields or masks? The good part is that their search is showing a positive trend this means that people love these face shields. And when people love something, it is in demand.

5. Phone Lenses


Phone lenses help capture better photographs. They are available in multiple settings. Search for those that have better quality and more order volume while selling on your store. Phone lenses have been in the market for the last few years and have remained a top-selling product on most drop shipping stores. It is good to see they still haven’t lost their charm.

6. Inflatable Pet Collars


Pet collars are a new trend in the market. Both cats and dogs can use these inflatable pet collars during sleep or travelling. However, the main purpose of the inflatable pet collars is to protect your pets from injuries to face, or help them recover after an injury. If you have a pet store, then selling pet collars in 2019 is surely a great idea.

7. Eyeshadow Stamp


The eyeshadow stamp helps make eye shadows within seconds. Simply put the paste or eyeshadow on the stamp and then press it on the eyelid. It is a perfect product to sell to make-up artists. The eyeshadow stamp will work more or less on all types of eye sizes. And, more than one people can also use a single eyeshadow stamp as well.

Girls simply can’t live without makeup.

8. Strapless Backless Bra


With an adhesive strapless backless bra, women can now enjoy sleeveless dresses at any time of the day. These strapless bras are easy to wear and highly comfortable. They will stick to the breasts through silicon suckers to avoid a wardrobe malfunction. If you are in the fashion industry, selling strapless backless bras and their multiple variations is surely a highly profitable bet.

9. Child Wrist Leash


Many women lose their children while shopping in malls. The child wrist leash will help avoid such an unfortunate scenario. If you are a parent, all you need to do is to wrap a strap around the child’s wrist and know whenever (s)he tries to do any unperceived move. The child wrist leash is a highly sought after product in the US market where most women go to malls for shopping.

10. Front Facing Baby Carrier


Let’s be honest. Women have to work and they can’t take care of babies at all times. That’s where the front-facing baby carrier comes in really a handy product. By using it, women can take care of the house chores and keep an eye on their babies as well, all at the same time. Are you ready to selling baby products on your store? Start marketing this baby carrier to earn huge profits.



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