Top 5 best sex toy products for couples

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo

This product from Hot Octopuss is known as the world’s first “guybrator.” Couples that already have experience using it find it half as a vibrating cock ring and half as a masturbation sleeve. The outside vibrates, bringing your parter stimlation simultaneously by rubbing against the device. This product is ideal for foreplay or for those who prefer non-penetrative sex.


Review: Hot Octopuss Pulse III: powerful inspiration for penises.

Octopuss Atom Vibrating Ring

Another powerful product from Hot Octopus. It bring the sense of pleasure for both the person who’s rubbing against it and the person who’s wearing it because it is designed with a wider contact area.


Hot Octopuss Atom Plus Vibrating Ring

The main difference between the Atom and the Atom Plus is the size of the ring itself. The major difference between the Atom and the Plus version is the size of the ring. The Atom Plus is bigger to slip over both the shaft and the balls to provide perineum stimulation.

Unbound Squish

The Squish is from Unbound, sex toy company for women. This vibrator is really soft and squishy. It doesn’t have a phallic shape. Rather, it looks like a makeup sponge. It will slip in between you and your partner when you squeeze it and the vibration gets stronger, which brings you clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex.


Though it has a phallic shape, it can be blended and molded however you want. And because it’s flexible and adjustable, it can be used in different positions, penetrative or not.