5 Best Teeth Aligners Brands of 2019



1.Smile Direct Club

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  • FREE online assessment
  • $85/mo. with no credit check
  • Over 200 SmileShops across the country
  • Includes free premium whitening
  • Over 500,000 smiles made beautifully
  • 60% less expensive than many other options

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byte™ is an invisible braces company that operates nationwide to allow consumers who need minimal to moderate dental alignment to receive treatment without visiting a doctor’s office.

  • Progress tracking
  • Free teeth whitening
  • Personalized Patient Portal
  • Premium Teeth Whitening
  • Aligner Cleaner
  • Breath Freshener
  • HyperByte

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Smile love is an online company that specializes in invisible braces. The company conveniently delivers all of its products to consumers’ homes, including a molding kit, aligners, retainers, and a whitening kit.

  • Free teeth whitening
  • 75% cheaper than competitors
  • accepts HSA & FSA cards
  • Good Customer Experience

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SnapCorrect provides free dental whitening foam and free whitening kits with each purchase, as well as free gel refills-for-life available after the treatment is completed.

  • Clearer aligners than other options
  • $1749 for the full treatment
  • Easy, 30-second financing available with Affirm
  • Free whitening refills for life
  • Free set of retainers included

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Candid customers prepare a dental impression at home, which Candid uses to make custom aligners to straighten customers’ teeth, all without having to visit an orthodontist.

  • Free whitening kit and free retainer
  • BPA-free material
  • Affordable
  • Great customer service

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Braces may be required in extreme cases, but teeth straightening aligners work great in most situations. The costs for aligners online (under $2,000) are significantly lower than braces ($3,000-$8,000) and braces add more expenses for services rendered. Teeth aligners are also translucent so they are less noticeable inside that brilliant smile of yours. Braces require a lot of maintenance and care, not to mention more routine visits for adjustments and inspections.

Above all, invisible teeth aligners save time. This mostly involves the reduction of maintenance, cleaning, and inspection requirements. You can use our website to obtain all the information you need to buy teeth aligners online. You may not qualify for aligners, but if you do, it is a good choice.

Clear aligners can be obtained by purchasing an impression kit, following the instructions, and returning it to the company. Their dental professional(s) will review your impression and decide if you are a candidate for invisible teeth aligners. You order the impression kit and receive your clear aligners in the mail directly to your home. This means that you do not have to sit and wait for your turn at an orthodontist office or even consume your precious time going to the office in the first place.

Invisible teeth aligners are removable, unlike braces that stay on your teeth for the duration of the alignment process. There are no food restrictions because of their removable advantages. In addition, cleaning braces can be difficult due to their permanently mounted structure, but cleaning aligners is an easy task.


Knowing where to buy teeth aligners online is the first step in your journey to smiles. You can use our website to find companies that offer clear aligners direct to your homes, such as SmileDirectClub, Candid Co., SnapCorrect™, and Smilelove as listed above.

Also, You cannot buy teeth aligners outright. You must order an impression kit from a company listed on our site or visit one of their offices (if they have them) to get a 3D scan of your teeth.

After the dental professional reviews your impression, they will either approve aligner use or determine that you do not qualify. If you do qualify, you can order your aligner package. When you complete your aligner schedule, you can also order the retainers.

Your aligners are personally customized to your teeth and your needs. Every case is different.


You have to order an impression kit from an at home teeth aligner provider like the ones listed above. The impression is then sent back to the company and reviewed by a dental professional to determine if you qualify for clear aligners.

The impression part of the system can be the most difficult and most frustrating step. You may have to order additional impressions if they cannot determine your aligner qualification status.

Many people have had to try 2-5 times before getting their impression approved or denied. The good news here is that most companies either credit the costs to your aligner purchase or simply refund the money spent. For the most part, almost all online invisible aligner companies refund the purchase price of starter/impression kits if you do not meet their criteria for invisible aligners.


The answer to this question is both a yes and a no.

Yes, they can be the answer. Aligners can successfully move and shift teeth to better positioning when used as directed. Millions of customers have been satisfied with the results they received. If you are a candidate for clear teeth aligners, your treatment duration will be determined by your level of misalignment. You do not need the best teeth aligners to have successful tooth straightening results, but they will offer more comfort and be less noticeable. Therefore, you will most likely maintain great results from wearing them all the time. As long as you buy good quality aligners, straight teeth will be easier to achieve.

No, they are not the answer under certain circumstances. Some situations do not qualify, such as having significant teeth gaps, extreme crookedness, severe malocclusions, and more. In addition, aligners may not be comfortable enough for some people to a point where they do not faithfully wear them as required. They may also simply stop using them completely and that affects the outcome of the tooth straightening process.