best wireless drive allows you to access the files and store which is without thinking of attaching the drive to your desktop and laptop. While wired external storage drives remain a prime solution, particularly in terms of speed and reliability, these wireless partners bring some of their own advantages.

For convenience and the best wireless setup, the best wireless device is the best solution. This gives a permission to you to connect with other devices such as smartphones and tablets that normally cannot be connected to external storage. Freeing up your space is just a small bonus.

We've gathered the best two-way radios 2020 has to offer in one place and put together our price comparison tools. Whatever you buy, you know you got the best deal.


The LaCie Portable Drive line offers a variety of options in addition to the "diamond" design.

From rubber pads in neon orange to sturdy units, the new portable unit is filled with smart aluminum. It is available in two colors: "Moon Silver" and of course "Space Gray", and it is compatible with the latest Mac models. Diamond Cut design only shows extreme angles and angles; If you look from the side, the aluminum casing is really solid. In fact, the 5TB model we tested weighs 400g and can cause a dangerous concussion if you hit it on the head.

However, there are smaller and lighter alternatives depending on how much storage space you need. Both units are 10mm thick, 88mm wide, 122mm long and weigh 200g less.

The 5 TB model is twice as heavy, twice as thick (20 mm), and its price is higher. There are also 4 TB models of the same size and weight, but they are slightly cheaper.

The portable drive has a USBon its back. However, LaCie includes a cable for USB-C and earlier versions of USB 3.0 so you can use the drive with any Mac or PC.

The drive can be used with a Time Machine backup for Mac. However, you can also use the LaCie ToolKit application to "mirror" individual folders. if you use a Mac at work and organize individual projects in their own folders so it is a good choice. Any "mirror" folder is backed up and updated automatically every time you make changes to a file in that folder. This tells whether your backup is always updated with its very recent version of your files (while Time Machine allows a one-hour break between backups).

Our only problem here is that the LaCie segmentation directory doesn't contain a lot of information about the ToolKit app or the various driver formatting options, so you can only see some specific FAQ files on their website. .

Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Touch

Seagate recently redesigned its Backup Plus range with a focus on portable drives for laptop users.

All new models are CD and portable discs, although they have different designs and functions. If all you want is a lot of extra storage at a competitive price, a Backup Plus flash drive is 4 TB or 5 TB. The larger drive is slightly thicker and is a Slim Backup Plus with 1 TB or 2 TB of storage. The thin drive is only 12mm thick and has 1TB or 2TB of storage capacity.

The flagship model, however, is the new . Just like a thin drive, the Ultra Touch is available in either 1 TB or 2 TB storage capacity. It's a little more expensive, but it has a neat design which makes it a great choice for you , and it has encryption for your important files and data. It is known as BEST WIRELESS HARD DRIVE FOR MAC.

Ultra Touch is just 12mm thick, 78mm wide, 115mm long and weighs 151g, so you can easily store it in your pocket or handbag while traveling with your laptop. . It comes in black or white and finishes with a delicate texture which is a nice change from the muted monochrome color on most hard drives. There is a good one port and a USB 3.0 cable on the back of the drive that works with any Mac or PC. However, Seagate also includes a USB-C adapter so that you can use it with newer USB-equipped computers.

Western Digital

Western Advanced builds a great remote  wireless drive network, and the My Visa Remote SSD may be an awesome expansion. As the name suggests, it has an SSD (Solid State Drive), which means it performs pretty well in terms of data transfer speeds. It should be noted, however, that when using this wireless connection, you cannot take a good choice of pros of the speed of the SSD. However, However, solid-state technology means that it is harder than conventional difficult drives, and with a drop-resistant rubber coating, the My Visa Remote SSD may be a durable external hard drive to move your data with you. . Its wireless system. and is making it the perfect choice for photographers.

Asus Travelair N

Asus not only makes great laptops, monitors, and gaming components, but it also has a great wireless drive with Asus Travel water N. It offers 1 TB capacity and is equipped with an inbuilt 3300 mAh battery. Which provides independence of up to 8 hours. It even has a waterproof design that protects your data while you are outside. You can attach many devices simultaneously to access drive data, and there is an SD card slot for quick and easy photo backup. The 7200 rpm engine is faster than other Wi-Fi drives, which are often 5400 rpm.

LaCie Fuel

LaCie is the company that built some of our favorite external hard drives, and LaCie Fuel was the company's first attempt at using a Wi-Fi drive. LaCie has a reputation for making beautiful appliances, and its fuel is sure to impress, thanks to its square and modular design that allows you to use it with multiple outlets. It has a good battery life of 10 hours, which is a wirelessly. Uses applications that allow you to stream content on the player to compatible devices, such as smartphones.