Top 5 items you should buy on Black Friday 2019: TV sales Black Friday is best!

Many stores have been busy with promotions on Black Friday sale 2019. Reliable shopping places like Amazon, Walmart, Target and Best Buy have offered discounted products. You can easily be tempted by what you see on the screen.

However, not all deals are the same. You will get the “best price” possible on certain products while others tend to offer better discounts at other times of the year. To help you become a smart shopper on Black Friday 2019, here are the top 5 items you should buy on this special day. Of course, TV is the best item to purchase.

1. TV

Black Friday is a great time to buy electronics, especially large TVs. Many famous TV brands like Samsung, Sony Corporation, LG Electronics, Vizio, Philips, … have released great deals on high-quality TV. So you can save a lot of money when purchasing TV sales on Black Friday.

TV sales Black Friday 2019
TV sales Black Friday 2019

If you’re looking for the best TV that breaking the bank, TV LG is a good choice to start with. “In 2018, we saw a ton of LG TV deals,” said Michael Bonebright, consumer analyst for

If you are looking to buy a big-screen TV, Samsung is your perfect TV brand. Super Big TV with QLED 8K and 4K resolution bring a better viewing experience. With AI Upscaling, Game Mode, and Ambient Mode enjoy big tv sizes variously.

2. Smart home appliances

According to Bonebright, Black Friday is the best day of the year to get free Amazon Alexa devices. “Retailers like to include these gadgets in other incentives,” he said.

Smart home applicances are one of the best items to shop on black Friday
Smart home appliances are one of the best items to shop on Black Friday

Amazon Echo Dots is probably the easiest device to use. They often come with electronics like TVs or smart home devices like doorbells.

Since Amazon launched eight new Echo devices in October, last year’s Alexa products like 2nd Generation Echo Plus and 2nd Generation Echo Exhibition are also expected to be on sale.

In a survey, 30% of consumers said they hoped to buy smart home devices on Black Friday.

3. Game consoles

Black Friday is often a great time to buy gaming gear through the season, especially if you’re looking for bundles. In 2018, some Xbox One and PlayStation 4 bundle had some of the best games of the year at the lowest prices of the year.

Bluetooth Game Console Controller For Playstation and Raspberry Pi
Bluetooth Game Console Controller For Playstation and Raspberry Pi

Retailers will find a way to move inventory to systems and sell them at discounted prices because of a new generation of gaming consoles ready to launch.

4. Video games

Video game
Video game

From “Apex Legends” to “Kingdom Hearts III”, a number of excellent video games were released earlier this year. Black Friday is an opportunity for retailers to clean up old games, making room for next year’s game.

5. Kitchen appliances

Black Friday is often a good time to buy kitchen appliances, including blender, rice cookers, toasters, washing machines, air fryer, and the like.

Don't miss Black Friday deals on kitchen appliances
Don’t miss Black Friday deals on kitchen appliances

“Department stores like Kohl’s will have a range of small kitchen appliances for $ 5 to $ 10,” Bonebright said. Toaster, blender … cheap because they don’t exist forever. However, it is still extremely convenient for life, especially for households.


Above is just some best items you should buy on Black Friday 2019. Apart from TV sales, smart home devices, … there are tons of products with the deepest discounts waiting for you to explore.

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