Black Friday deals 2019 is coming! 5 Best stores to shop!

1. What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is celebrated every year on the first Friday after Thanksgiving, which is a holiday that is primarily celebrated in the US and Canada. Thanksgiving Day falls on the 4th Thursday in November so every year Black Friday will fall on 23-29 November.

According to the USA Today newspaper, 1939 was also the time when the 32nd President of the United States – Franklin D. Roosevelt was under pressure to change Thanksgiving from the last Thursday to the 4th Thursday in November. To prolong the Christmas shopping season, Black Friday is also starting to be mentioned.

2. When is Black Friday 2019?

Black Friday is the biggest sale day to shop
Black Friday is the biggest sale day to shop

Black Friday 2019 falls on Friday 29th November, the day after Thanksgiving Day. This is a big sale event in the year. However, in the early days of the month, many stores began to hang signs of discounts on Black Friday. Some places also send messages promoting the event to customers.

3. Why do people enjoy to shop on Black Friday?

On Black Friday, most stores or retailers open very early around 4 am or maybe earlier. There are many shocking deals for their items. Discounts can be up to 30-40% for electronics, refrigeration, household appliances, furniture or even up to 70% for fashion items, cosmetics, … Some businesses also allow employees to take time off work to go shopping.

Get coupon codes, promo codes, deals before checkout to save money on Black Friday
Get coupon codes, promo codes, deals before checkout to save money on Black Friday

This is the reason why hundreds of people try to jostling, rushing into supermarkets and retail stores to win each other for great discounts on Black Friday. This is only the biggest sale day in the year, so people must buy everything they want to own at the most favorable price, even fighting or robbing each other.

For Americans, this is considered a “golden shopping day” because most of the major retail establishments are open from about 4 am, even earlier, with tens of thousands of fashion items, furniture, refrigeration, household appliances,… discounts from 30 – 40%, even 60 – 80%.

4. 5 Best stores to shop on Black Friday 2019

Boots Black Friday deals 2019

Black Friday 2019 is coming and Boots has announced their first Black Friday deals, with the savings starting on the 20 November. The deals are expected to last to at least until Cyber Monday. Boots provides a wide range of body and bath products, makeup, medicines, vitamins, fragrance, and other health and beauty items at the deepest discounts on Black Friday.

Boots Black Friday offers many great deals on beauty products
Boots Black Friday offers many great deals on beauty products

When you shop during Boots Black Friday sale 2019, you can discover big price drops on a wide range of products, including electrics, luxury health and beauty products. Some items are likely to be discounted by as much as 60%. The following deals are now available and will be until December 3.

Boost Mobile Black Friday deals 2019

Operating on the Sprint 4G LTE network, Boost Mobile has become one of the most popular virtual network providers in the country. They have plenty of cell phone options that include iconic models like the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max at a special discounted price. Especially, on Black Friday, Boost offers great deals, promo codes, discounts on their services.

Boost Mobile Black Friday deals 2019

Boost Mobile Black Friday deals 2019

The best early Black Friday Boost Mobile deals are being arrived. So shoppers can find savings on the latest cell phones including Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy Note10, Galaxy S10 and Google Pixel 4. The deepest discount on Boost Black Friday is for an Apple iPhone 6, which was $270 off the retail price of $449.

Now, Boost provide the best plan based on your needs. The deals on the Boost Mobile site are not just on wireless plans but phones as well, with pre-owned phone prices offering the best discounts. So you can see some as low as $50.

Bob’s Discount Furniture Black Friday

If you want to save money on furniture sales on Black Friday, Bob’s Discount Furniture is the best place to shop. Founded in 1991, Bob’s set out to provide quality furniture at a price everyone can afford, in a fun and haggle-free environment. Currently, this company has Bob’s Discount Furniture stores around the US.

Bob's Discount Furniture Black Friday 2019
Bob’s Discount Furniture Black Friday 2019

Bob’s Discount Furniture’s Black Friday sale has officially released. Bob’s Black Friday is the perfect time to replace that old and worn out couch that you can’t look at anymore. Of course, Bob’s Discount Furniture is known for bringing out some pretty good deals over Thanksgiving weekend sales.

On Bob’s doorbuster items, various products with the deepest discounts appear, including, power lift recliners on sale from $499, 6-piece dining room table sets on sale from $599, and powered leather sofas on sale from $1299.

Bloomingdales Black Friday 2019

Looking for beautiful clothing at a fair price? Let’s visit to Bloomingdales Black Friday 2019 to save a lot of money. Bloomingdales is a US luxury department store, packed with menswear, womenswear and childrenswear and more.

Don't miss Bloomingdales Black Friday 2019
Don’t miss Bloomingdales Black Friday 2019

Save big this year with Bloomingdale’s Black Friday sale 2019! There is a wide range of great deals on clothes, jewelry, shoes, home goods, jackets and more! So you can get great deals like 20% off Dresses, Suits, Intimates. Don’t miss.

The Body Shop Black Friday 2019

Founded in 1976, Brighton, England, The Body Shop is the original, naturally-inspired and ethical beauty brand. This shop has plenty of beauty collections, including, makeup, skincare, fragrance, hair, at an affordable price.

The Body Shop Black Friday 2019
The Body Shop Black Friday 2019

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. This Black Friday 2019, you can enjoy incredible deals and the best skincare and beauty bargains with The Body Shop. When you shop on this special day at The Body Shop, you can save up to 40% off on various products.

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