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You are a book lover who does not know which books to read? Discover new authors and genres with our unlimited book or audiobook rental service. I promise you that you will not regret spending times reading these, they are that GOOD!

About BookLender

Veteran business-men Douglas Ross and Andrew Bilinski has established in Septemper 2000 which provide a paperback book rental service of bestselling paperback fiction books.After, BookLender has expanded into children’s books, nonfiction books, and audiobooks. Since 2000, BookLender has grown its selection from 25,000 titles to over a quarter of a million titles. is the oldest online book rental service.The founder of this company pioneered the revolution the way consumers acquired reading materials online. Oprah Magazine said BookLender is the book version of Netflix.

In 2010, BookLender developed and launched a complementary book and audiobook swap service BooksfreeSwap. booksfreeswap’s unique website and swap process has made it the online swap service of choice.

In 2012, BookLender developed and launched an online audiobook download and streaming service AudiobooksNow. AudiobooksNow offers an affordable alternative to purchasing, downloading, and streaming audiobooks online or through their free Android, Apple, Nook, and Kindle apps.

In 2019, BookLender developed and launched an online audiobook download and streaming rental service AudiobookLender. AudiobookLender offers listeners a more cost effective way to listen to audiobooks and keeps their devices and library clean by automatically removing content once the 30 day rental period is over.

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Oustanding feature at BookLender

Rent unlimited

books or audiobooksRenting books saves you time, money, shelf space, and the environment!

No more costly trips to the local bookstore.

Convenience of home delivery with FREE shipping.

Superior customer service and Environmentally friendly.

Great customer service

How It Works

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With BookLender you can rent as many titles as you want. The number of titles you rent depends on your membership plan and how quickly you return each order.


Renting books or audiobooks saves you 60-80% over buying them. With savings like that, you can read or listen to your heart’s content.

Over 250,000 Titles

As a member, you’ll be able to choose from more than 250,000 paperback titles, or 40,000 audiobook titles– from classics to new releases. Our Web site is open 24 hours a day and makes finding books simple and convenient.

Free Shipping Both Ways

Shipping is always free both ways. There are never any hidden charges or late fees.

About BookLender

In business since 2000, BookLender provides reading and listening enjoyment to thousands of satisfied customers each month.

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