Top 5 Bread Boxes You Should Purchase in 2019

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On Our Table Walnut Bread Box $250

This sturdy box is made of solid black walnut, and finished with beeswax and natural oil. It can hold a large loaf of bread and is perfect for a kitchen with a rustic feel.

Cal-Mil Squared Bread Box $200

If you eat copious amounts of bread or baked goods every week (lucky you), then this three-tiered box will serve you well. You can even put it on display for guests to use at your next brunch.

Wesco Grandy Bread Box $100

This throwback box is made from a single sheet of steel finished in glossy red paint. It would be a great addition to a kitchen with a vintage-decor theme.

Brebantia Fall Front Bread Box $60

The magnetic seal on this modern box keeps bread and baked goods fresh for longer. You can fit up to two loaves inside, and the fingerprint-proof steel finish saves you cleaning time.

Berghoff International Eco-Friendly Bread Bin $56

With a lid made of bamboo, this solid melamine breadbox is perfect for an eco-conscious cook.