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From heart-wrenching love stories that might bring a tear to your eye, to a romance with a more sinful side to it, these books are perfect to cozy up with and enjoy tonight. Every Breath by Nicholas Sparks $20.50  The story starts when Hope Anderson and Tru Walls cross paths in Sunset Beach, North Carolina. […]


Here below is a list of the most popular outfits at INTO THE AM. If you are hunting a beautiful T-Shirt, marvelous Hoodie, energetic Tank-Top, stunning Crewneck-SweatShirt, then you find the right place. INTO THE AM – Where all your beyond aesthetic, creative, crazy will be able to turn into your fashionably awesome outfits. See […]


Philadelphia — Pennsylvania Best East Coast Wine Region Quick: How did the Liberty Bell get its crack? Brush up on your colonial history in the City of Brotherly Love by visiting must-see attractions like Independence Hall, the National Constitution Center, and the Museum of the American Revolution. If you got the right answer to the question, treat yourself to a Philly cheesesteak. […]

8 Products For People Who Take April Fools’ Day Seriously

A baby beer bottle for changing the definition of the term “milk drunk” and seriously shock your friends when they see your baby drinking from it after having a few themselves. A hilarious roll of toilet paper which wont tear, so be ready to throw them a real roll before they tear you apart instead (and so they can hear you […]

5 Gifts You Can Anonymously Send To Your Mortal Enemies

GLITTER EVERYWHERE CARD Glitter is the worst creation of mankind. It gets f*@king everywhere and is extremely frustrating. What better way to ruin someone’s day than send them a card full of glitter!  The glitter is hidden inside a small pouch so they won’t notice it until it’s too late for maximum day ruinage.  Choose […]

10 Unique Ideas For Your Seamless Mask Bandana

Rainbow Kitty Seamless Mask Bandana Giggles Seamless Mask Bandana Frank Seamless Mask Bandana Eye See You Seamless Mask Bandana ET Seamless Mask Bandana Joker Seamless Mask Bandana Digital Wolf Seamless Mask Bandana Infinite Eyes Seamless Mask Bandana Cosmic Spells Seamless Mask Bandana Cave Crystals Seamless Mask Bandana

[Global Halloween] Top 10 Countries With The Biggest Halloween In The World

Halloween is a traditional festival held on October 31 every year in Western countries. In this post, we will name 10 countries with the biggest Halloween in the world. Mexico For Mexicans, Halloween is not only a fun festival but also an opportunity to remember the deceased loved ones. They marched on the street with […]

[Special Costumes] 5 Most Impressive Halloween Costumes Of Celebrities

Halloween is not only a time of reuniting with family and friends, it is also considered a unique catwalk of people everywhere. And of course, famous stars cannot ignore this opportunity to show off their perfect costume skills. Here are 5 most impressive Halloween costumes that were worn by the 5 most popular stars today. […]

[Halloween History] Why Is The Pumpkin A Symbol Of Halloween?

On Halloween, we always meet pumpkins in many different shapes from pumpkin Halloween costumes, pumpkin lanterns to many other pumpkin decorations. Gradually, it becomes the symbol of Halloween and it is almost impossible to replace it with any other vegetable. So, why is the pumpkin a symbol of Halloween? and what is the meaning behind […]

5 most expensive Halloween items in the world

Apart from Halloween costumes, masks, candy or beverage are indispensable for both adults and kids on Halloween. We all know that needed things for Halloween season are often various and quite cheap, especially on online Halloween stores. However, there are Halloween items that are sold at the very high price, which you may not know. […]