Central Park Sightseeing Review-Horseback Riding in Central Park


Park.Central Sightseeing specializing in provide services about bike tours, NYC ebike rentals, bike rentals, rollerblade rentals, walking tours picnics pedicab tour, private tours. In addition, they also offer horseback riding giving visitors a unique, adventurous way to take in the beautiful nature, historical monuments, and famous sights that define Central

About Central Park Sightseeing

Established on July 21, 1853, after the New York State Legislature set aside more than 750 acres of land in the middle of Manhattan Island, Central Park was formed. It is a natural park right in the heart of the city and was the first major landscaped public park in the country. Visitors enjoy the natural landscaping including lush greens, gorgeous gardens and bodies of water like the lake and reservoir.

“If you are vising New York City for the first time or even if you’re a long-time resident who is looking for something unique and fun to do, horseback riding in Central Park provides a unique way to take in the sights,” says Hakan Ugdur, CEO of Central Park Sightseeing. “We pride ourselves on our customer services and exceptional experiences we provide our visitors.”

In addition to horseback riding, Central Park Sightseeing also offers horse and carriage rides through Central Park. Central Park Sightseeing’s prearranged horse and carriage rides allow up to four adults per carriage and work to accommodate all the sights a visitor wishes to see and more.

These rides are perfect for any family outing or a birthday party or even a romantic marriage proposal. Also increasingly popular is Central Park Sightseeing’s single-person carriage ride.

From bike and carriage tours to walking and private tours and now horseback riding, there is something accessible and interesting for any visit to historic Central Park.

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The things you would love at Central Park Sightseeing

Central Park Sightseeing has been a one-stop shop for visits to Central Park since 2010. The company is dedicated to providing their customers with a unique and unforgettable Central Park experience. For more information, visit CentralParkSightseeing.com.

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