Check Out The No.1 Treadmill Buying Guide Before You Shop For One

Is going to the gym a struggle for you? How serious are you about getting fit? What about having a treadmill in your home? Treadmill at home is a great option for people who find it really hard to go to a gym. A right home treadmill helps you lose weight, remain fit and healthy. Therefore, to make a great purchase, it is important to understand what to look for before investing in a treadmill. Moreover, if you are confused in choosing the right one, you can visit breslik for the best treadmill reviews. Those unbiased reviews, features, pros, and cons of top treadmills will help you choose the right treadmill for home use.

Treadmills for Home Use - A Buyer's Guide

Review our best treadmill buying guide to help you shop for the best. Know what features are most important to consider when investing for a great handy machinery.

Consider your Workout Space (treadmill track size)

Before buying the best treadmill, it's crucial to consider your workout space. For this purpose, consider the dimensions of your treadmill. Additionally, it's important to consider when you're bringing your treadmill home to enable easy placement. According to the treadmill experts, you can opt for a 22 inch wide belt if you prefer running on the track. Moreover, you can select the track width of about 20 inches for walking purposes.

As far as the length is concerned, you can opt for a 50 inches belt length if you are an average heighted person. In addition, for athletes, sportsmen, and professional runners heighted 6 feet tall, a belt length of about 60 inches is preferable.

What’s Your Budget?

When opting for the best treadmill, decide your budget. When you know how much you can spend on your treadmill, you can find a list of treadmills that fit that budget. Moreover, a higher price allows you to have more features. The following are some details about exciting features and pros of treadmills that fit specific budgets.

Best Treadmills under 500 Dollars

If you want to buy a cheaper treadmill for a few weeks then, you can opt for this category under $500. It is the most simplest and basic treadmill that only allows manual workout like running on the track without additional workout programs. Moreover, these types of treadmills offer warranty for only a few days after opening and using. Nevertheless, it’s best to select when you want some weekly workout rather than daily running. It is because the quality and durability of such treadmills under $500 are not so good. You may find unstable frames, noisy belts, and very small workout rooms.

Best Treadmills under 800 Dollars

A treadmill under $800 presents you with greater features, high quality, and durability. A treadmill under this budget may include one or two exciting features. However, you have to make compromises on the accuracy and functionality of these features. For instance, you may get a treadmill with a heart rate monitor but have to compromise on the power incline option.

Best Treadmills under 1000 Dollars

The best treadmills under $1000 are a great investment. Because under this budget you can get premium quality, favorable warranty, workout programs, and a good track size. You may get a smoothly moving track belt with no noise, 7 inches touch screen monitor with wireless heart rate monitoring feature. Moreover, you may get additional workout programs, speakers with AUX port, LCD monitors,  and bluetooth.

Motor Power

When buying the best treadmill for home use, focus on the motor that powers the track of your treadmill. Generally, the power of the treadmill is measured in a unit of continuous horsepower (CHP). Different power units allow you different functions. For instance, for walking you will need less power whereas for running a higher power will be required. Here, human weight also influences the power required by the track since it's actually pushing you back. Experts advise to include an additional 0.5 CHPs if you weigh more than 90 kgs.


Power Required by Track (CHP)


Minimum 2 or above


Minimum 2.5 or above


Minimum 3 or above

Tread Belt Quality

There are 3 main factors that determine the quality and durability of treadmill belts.

  1.  Belt Thickness

A thicker is more quieter and less noisy. Choose a thicker belt more often a 2-ply or 3-ply rather than a single layer of flimsy rubber belt.

  1.  Metal Rollers

As you walk or run on the track, meta rollers propel the track. These rollers run by the power delivered by the treadmill motor. For proper functioning and durability of the tread motor, your metal rollers should be of larger diameter. It is because rollers with larger diameters will require less power to be pushed by the motor.

  1.  Lubrication

Lubrication of metal rollers and track belts assist in easy motion with less friction. Lubrication reduces friction between the parts of a machinery, prevents early wear and tear and extends life.

Track Speed

Different track speeds of treadmills under different budgets are available in the market. Choosing adequate track speed also depends on the person using it. For trainees, experts advise to opt for 10 mph speed while for runners choose the higher speeds. Moreover, treadmills for home use with 12 mph track speed are easily available under $ 1000.

Automatic Incline

Depending on the price, some good quality treadmills offer you automatic incline upto 20%. Such a feature helps you burn your calories real fast and makes you fit within weeks. There are two optio of the incline adjustment i.e manual and automatic. You can opt for any of these 2 features considering your budget.


When it comes to warranty, different brands offer different guaranteed life under different budgets. Generally, the high quality treadmill brands provide lifetime guarantee on treadmill frames and motors. Here, the cheaper models offer you a warranty upto 25 years only on treadmill motors. As per brand instructions, additional electronic parts of treadmills present different warranty periods. Good customer care and labor are provided by only highly-reputed brands.

Additional Features

Built-in Workout Programs (An Expensive Treadmill Option)

There are many additional workout programs and features that come with high quality and expensive treadmills. For instance, iFit, passport virtual active, and wireless pulse monitors.


or a limited time, iFit offers free monthly memberships with selected treadmill purchases. You can access hundreds of videos delivered by trainers from fitness studios around the world. As well as, you will be able to interact with trainers and other users.

Take a Test Run

It is always advisable to test run your treadmill and satisfy your worries before you buy the best treadmill, to learn more about treadmill please visit Breslik It will help you to select your desired treadmill within your budget.