Types of Commercial Stainless Steel Kitchen Tables: Choosing The Best Option

The standard stainless steel kitchen table consists of a smooth tabletop on four legs and is intended for intensive use. Usually, it comes with such types of accessories as a backsplash which is the essential component that protects the walls from liquid spills, promoting a higher level of cleanliness.

A stainless steel kitchen table is used for food prep processes, cutting, chopping, etc. Thus, for additional convenience of the chef and the kitchen staff, it can be equipped with drawers for kitchen utensils. Some manufacturers even offer to add a cutting board that is mounted to the steel unit.

What are other stainless steel table designs that can drastically improve the operation of the entire restaurant and speed up the preparation of meals? Let’s explore and compare some of the most popular choices of foodservice professionals.

Top picks of stainless steel kitchen tables

Extra shelves vs. open base commercial work table.

Since the open base model doesn't have any shelves, cabinets, drawers mounted to them, the kitchen personnel can wash the floor underneath quickly and in a hassle-free manner. Moreover, this style offers extra space for big bins for ingredients or waste, so it significantly facilitates the prep routine.

However, if you need more surfaces for storing items and tools at hand, then only a stainless steel table with an under-shelf or over-shelf can deliver more space. Tables with shelving are more expensive equipment but can solve a myriad of issues.


The built-in stainless steel sink makes rinsing and cleaning much faster, complying with sanitary, hygienic, and food safety standards. And even if the price is high, it is still a quite justified investment.

Stationary metal table vs. casters.

If you are in search of a more custom solution, then wheels will be a great addition to your table. Mobile options are more versatile and can be used not only as working tops but also as transport carts. You can install such a construction even on uneven floors. Moreover, the cleanliness routine is much simpler since casters allow your staff to easily maneuver around and move heavy-weight stainless steel equipment, avoiding lifting metal structures which may slow down all processes.

Flexibility and smooth operation are the biggest advantages you gain with this type of table. Obviously, you have to evaluate your needs first. Maybe, the stationary design of a table will fit the space better. It is sturdy and steady, so you can perform even the toughest kitchen tasks in a hassle-free manner.

Island workstations.

Such a model requires enough space in the kitchen but, at the same time, it enhances functionality and efficiency. It comes in an array of sizes and shapes, so you can buy a customized island to place it in the middle of the room for higher productivity and excellent space optimization.

Strong points why you should invest in stainless steel kitchen table

Prep tables made exclusively of food-grade steel, which does not contain any harmful elements and meet all regulations. It easily withstands constant contact with moisture and has a high level of protection against corrosion formation.

Hot pots and pans, a heavy-weight microwave oven, acid components, and cleaning chemicals won't destroy the surface integrity. In addition, steel doesn't absorb odors typical for busy kitchens. This material will not deform, crack, change shape due to the influence of external factors.

No stains or cracks will bother you throughout the expected operational period if complying with the simplest care guidance. The work table from reliable manufacturers was built to last and meet your most demanding expectations. It is extremely versatile and perfect for a wide range of purposes.