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About Compete Every Day

Compete Every Day is the best place where you can get the motivation to build your grit, and compete every day to win at work, the gym, and life as well. They provide apparel & educational content to help you find your inner competitor and reach your career, fitness, & life goals. They are:

  • Motivational apparel
  • The educational content on leadership, grit, & mindset
  • Keynote speaking
  • In-person events + workshops

In their site, you can find clothing for both genders, youth and gear, that keep you processing reach your goals.

The key to success starts with the decision to Compete Every Day is that you can learn how embracing your inner competitor can build accountability, focus, and & leadership within your team to help your company win.

Compete Every Day Founder

Jake Thompson leaves his audiences with the tools to be a Competitor in their career & life- ready to be resilient, embrace accountability, and seize success in their professional and personal lives.

Jake’s programs help organizations build gritty people & teams ready to increase productivity, reach their goals, and enhance the company’s goals.

Jake can help YOU:

  • Increase grit
  • Adopt accountability
  • Focus on the MOST important tasks
  • Lead with greater influence
  • Take action without needing motivation
  • Boost performance and attitude.

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Keynote – Invite Jake to be your event keynote speaker. By teaching how to harness the power of competition, his message will plant seeds for success in your attendees.

Workshop – Host Jake in a half-day, full-day, or multi-day workshop with your team to learn how they harness the power of competition to be better than yesterday – and achieve their individual and team professional goals.

Consulting – Have Jake work with you and your team as an consultant to jumpstart new projects or events.

Custom Merch – Collaborate with the Compete Every Day team on custom merch for unique gifts! We handle branding, designing, & production! 

Customers’ reviews

“Great shirt! I bought two of them a week ago for me and my boyfriend. It fit well with great quality, my man has a medium as the size and it is the right size. And I took a small, I actually wear female xs, but the small for man looks nice on me” – Anna.

“These are perfectly fitted shirts that don’t get the permanent neck stretch collar. Will fade a little but will never lose their fitted look and feel.” – Ferndawg.

“Very nice tee fits great & soft to the skin! I have bought a lot of tees to do the WODS, and this, in particular, feels comfy, light and looks great.” – Etillero.

“Great shirt, soft, athletic fit, washes well, nice length” – Drose.

“Great Shirt! Bought this two weeks ago and it is the most comfortable shirt I own. By far my favorite shirt to work out in.” – Kate.

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