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About Cosplay Shopper

Cosplay Shopper, based in New York City, is a fast-growing online retail store that delivers products directly to customers around the world. Design and business operations are managed in the New York office to maintain close contact with all the customers worldwide. The products are made in Shenzhen, China, having great attention to quality and detail. Cosplay Shopper provides customers a wide selection of cosplay products at affordable and reasonable prices.

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From Japanese anime to popular video game characters,Cosplay Shopper carries them all! They have several talented designers and years costume production experience. The lowest price is not what they are chasing. It’s the result due to the hard works they put in this business. They know how much you care about cosplay and how important a quality cosplay costume can be!

Shop with Confidence

Over the years, has been discovered to be the best supplier of high quality pre-made costumes and custom-made costumes. They treat their customers with respect and make every effort to make them satisfied with their products. When you shop with them, you will definitely be satisfied. It is their belief that when you shop with them, your information is also completely confidential and secure. Therefore, they make use of the best security checkout (Starfield SSL Certificate, Paypal, Nexcess). At, they deliver on this expectation and even go an extra mile. Whenever sensitive information is collected from you, like contact information and credit card data, the information is encrypted and transmitted in a very secure way.

Quality Cosplay Costumes

At, they have the best selection of high quality cosplay costumes. When you shop with us at, you can see thousands of custom cosplay costumes at your front. When you shop with them, you will definitely get the best products that you can ever come across. It is a fact that most other websites have very limited selection of products. Many of them are probably old styles which are already tarnished. Do not go for something which you think you want; instead, get products which are of different styles possible; and the good thing is that people would love those costumes on you.

Fast Shipping & Delivery

At, they are known for very fast shipping and delivery. Products ordered from us are shipped within 5 to 20 business days and they give every order top priority. They also take into consideration things like special orders, large orders, out of stock items, custom items and orders made during holiday seasons. They have good customer service. That is why their customers keep coming back for more and even the latest products. They are always encouraging feedback from all their customers and also give them the opportunity to suggest products and many other things desired from them.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is in fact our #1 concern. They also do their best every day to ensure that their prices are the best you can ever come across online or offline. They are constantly checking their prices to make sure that people get the best value. When comparing their prices with some other online retailers, please make sure you take the total price into consideration (which includes product price, shipping costs, and applicable taxes) and order processing time.

Customer reviews

Published by Nwajeir R.

“Amazing and excellent customer service”
This is indeed wonderful, the treatment, respect for customer is splendid. I urge and recommend their services for everyone. It’s indeed an Excellent customer service

Published by Tahir k

Cosplay Shopper is very good to service and price also. They also over us with great price and great deal to start with and make me more enjoy to shop in this place only.

Published by moutche s

“recommendable online shop”
customer service always available and especially the serious set in the setting of the website
do not hesitate to visit this shop and make a purchase would be a big mistake

Published by Nardion B

“Very good site”
Cosplayshopper is a great company that you can buy some really good things frem the like home thing and you can buy outfit of games like fortnite outfit and the quality of the outfit’s are realy good

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