DEJOU reviews: High quality Korean shop


DEJOU is an popular online shopping store that provides a variety of Korean fashion styles ranging from chic office ensembles to cute school looks for every girl. The clothes appeal to all women and are made at high quality level with super trendy yet comfortable designs sold at perfectly affordable prices. You will definitely find the one that fit with your style.

Dejou, from DAZE corporation, was founded and is mainly based in South Korea, however they’re also situated in other asian countries such as Japan and Taiwan, whilst also recently opening up shipping to nearly all other countries.

The company was founded by a brother and sister, who had no knowledge on retail or owning a business, but created their own brand because of their love for fashion.

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The average pricing can go from around $4 for accessories, to $8 – $20 for tops and jumpers, and up to $60 for jackets. DEJOU pride themselves on being reasonably affordable whilst keeping up with the latest trends and high quality clothes. Only one of the items I bought from them has a ‘Dejou’ tag in it, all of them but two don’t have any tag, and those that do are under different names, leading me to believe that whilst they do manufacture their own clothes, there are outside companies that sell through Dejou to promote their brands.

All of the tops, blouses, dresses, and jackets are 1 size fits all, and the only things that have varied sizes are the skirts, jeans, and shoes. There are size charts under the product details, however I think they’re wrong because some of them seem ridiculously small and most of the stuff I bought wouldn’t have fit me otherwise.

I bought my clothes during a Black Friday sale, so everything was 20% off, and it had been reduced to any order over $100 gets free shipping, so I took that as my opportunity to buy some stuff I’d had on my wish list! The shipping took a little over 2 weeks from order to arrival.

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