Top 7 Modern Design Ideas to Revamp Your Kitchen in Lockdown

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With a large population in the world confined to their houses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us were forced to spend plenty of time in the kitchen trying new recipes. While it is not much, you can do to change the situation outside your home. You can undoubtedly redecorate your existing kitchen depending on when your nearest interior designers will open their stores or are available to help you.

Since you spend a substantial amount of time in your cooking area these days, you might have noticed what changes or new decor ideas, you can imply into the interior. Probably, you may have thought to restructure your home and make your lockdown time more productive, or you wanted to spruce up the look of your dull kitchen.

Whatever your reason is for the renovation, here we’ll discuss seven useful interior design tips for a modern kitchen makeover.

Family are smiling in new kitchen

1. Clear the kitchen worktops

Kitchen worktops are prone to getting messy and cluttered, and this makes the available space appear unorganized and smaller. So, it’s best to clear all unwanted objects or elements from your quartz worktops London while maximizing the given area. You need to place all the items nicely in cupboards or cabinets. Try to put taller things at the back, and similar food items should be kept together.

You must be careful of what you’re placing in your worktops while balancing out the aesthetic appeal of the appliances on the worktop. It’s best to organize a creative and decorative wooden chopping board and beautiful canisters to keep this properly on the counter.

2. Island cooking

One simple way to redecorate your kitchen while maximizing the space is streamlining your kitchen with a centralized kitchen island. The island can be clad with gorgeous marble worktops London or any other worktop option that you prefer. Furthermore, the island can be segregated to different sections for performing various functions like preparation, storage and cooking. Another element that makes a statement on a kitchen island is a cooktop. So, choose wisely to serve both practical and aesthetic purposes.

3. Create a Kitchen Bar

Since most people are spending their most time trying to make new recipes or trying new cocktail recipes as well, it would be great if you think of creating a kitchen bar section. If you have a large open-plan kitchen, creating a bar into this space won’t be a big deal. All you need to do is dedicate a small space in one corner of a kitchen island to the bar. Decorate the floating shelves (above that area’s counter) with the most exceptional liquor bottles and glasses to create a statement. During this particular time, when you can’t socialize and go out too often, it’s best to create a relaxing bar space in the comfort of your home to enjoy a drink or two with your family or simply while watching your favorite TV program.

4. Bring Nature into the Kitchen

It is best to add some elements of nature into your home in a fun way. You can add potted planters to shelves, windows or counters in your kitchen. Flowers in vases or planted in terracotta planters will look amazing in your kitchen, as these natural elements make the whole interior lively and refreshing instantly. Every time you head out of your home, you can bring home some new blossom laden plants to decorate the vases present in your kitchen.

5. Add Some Accessories

It’s best to remove all unwanted things and furniture from your kitchen, as extra stuff in a room can make space tight. If you remove unwanted items, space will open up, and there will be more room for light as well. Start with making a list of things in your room and rethink how to use them creatively. Now, sketch out a unique way of rearranging the existing items to give a new look to the kitchen interior.

6. Add a Statement Backsplash

Once you have installed stylish yet neutral quartz worktops London, make sure to create a focal point by adding a statement backsplash. Also, consider adding hidden lighting fixtures under the platform drawers and overhead cabinets. This way, you can add vivacity to the given interior while highlighting the backsplash even more.

7. Make Sure to clean all Lighting Fixtures

Old and dust-filled bulbs or lighting fixtures will produce less light and make your kitchen appear dull. Therefore, it’s important to keep cleaning the existing lighting fixtures time-to-time to make the kitchen feel instantly brighter. It’s also best to use white light bulbs to create an interior that appears bright and lively compared to warm yellow light bulbs.


If you love to cook and the kitchen is your favorite place in your home, it’s time to give it a new life by following these simple yet helpful tips. Using these kitchen decor ideas, you can provide a pleasant visual appeal to your cooking space without hampering your daily routine.