About DS18

DS18 is a leading electronics manufacturer specializing in Mobile, Marine & Home Electronic equipment with its headquarters in Miami, FL, USA. DS18 was created and developed by a team of young and determined professionals who understand the needs in today’s audio industry.

Offering several series of amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers, tweeters, midranges, cables, accessories, component sets and much more DS18 guarantees to satisfy customers seeking a wide assortment of products.

Outstanding features at DS18

Highest quality products

Reasonable price

Excellent customer service

No hassle return or refund

Customers’ reviews

“Definitely an amazing subwoofer, and even though I got mine for about $100 cheaper because of a damaged shipping box, I would have gladly paid the entirety of the original price. I plan on buying at least 2 more for the cab of my pickup. I cannot recommend this enough. It is a power hungry sub though, so make sure you have your big 3 upgrades, a second/third battery, an upgraded alternator and an amp that can power this! Thank you for an amazing sub!” – Dc.

“Im in love with this sub. I’ve only had a couple of 15s before and was never impressed. I was a couple tens or twelves kinda guy. This is blowing every system I’ve ever had away…with only one! This is installed in a custom box filling the back of an extended cab ranger. Cheap 6000 watt SSL amp(barely outputting 1200watts- 1500 max), Seems perfect for now tho…, 2- Isolated 600watt Viper AGM batteries inline, OFC 1/0 + same size -ground to frame and Shuriken main battery. Shes taking everything I throw at her. Strait shaking the apart. Stuff falling off the walls inside my house! A guy three blocks away called the cops about the noise when I was testing it out after install…😀Rap bumps, rock rocks, old school tunes are sounding intense, even country is crazy with so much bass…It’s built like a tank. Heaviest 40 lbs I’ve ever lifted… the only problem I’m having with it is how to fit another one in my little truck…Buy it…you won’t be disappointed.” – Antonio A.

“Do not put a cheap amplifier on these I have a 3200 Hifonics class d and it barely does the job running two of the extra battery in the back but amp gets hot as hell I can tell they want more power 1400-1500 watts each should do the job. My 3200 does a good job just after a few it gets too hot.” – Cameo.

“I love this speaker as it works amusingly good. Recommend it to everyone.” – Doan Luong.

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