Exciting Ideas For Experienced Teachers Who Want A Second Career

It's both enjoyable and challenging to be a teacher. There are many aspects of the job to enjoy, especially having a front-row seat to see children grow and learn during the school year. Teachers, however, can get exhausted over time and are usually overworked for low compensation.

The good news for experienced teachers is that the job requires various marketable skills. Experienced teachers have strong public speaking, presenting and leadership abilities and they establish themselves as successful communicators, not only with students but also with parents, coworkers and administrators. Teachers are also skilled in tasks needing attention to detail, such as editing, long-term planning and achieving educational objectives.

If you choose to leave the classroom, the top qualities you need to be a good teacher can be used for employment in different fields. Let's take a look at some of the careers.

1. Educational consultant

To give quality guidance on school policies and processes, an education consultant combines their teaching and administrative expertise. This is a fantastic alternative for teachers who want to pursue a second career. Education consultants can help with textbook initiatives, government organisations and non-profit think tanks, among other things. A master's degree or a degree equivalent to a PhD. is usually required for education consultants.

Additional certificates are also available from various institutes. This is the appropriate career path for you if you have strong analytical abilities, are fantastic at organising and planning and have a history in curriculum development.

2. Blog for educational companies

Niche blogs, if you haven't noticed, are popping up all over the place. You're now reading one! A well-established blog in a popular niche may bring in hundreds of dollars each month in consistent revenue. Many successful blogs are developed to educate and innovate, which is one of the main reasons why many teachers are drawn to blogging.

Working for a well-established brand or blog is a terrificc way to learn the basics of blogging, making this a side hustle for teachers that may quickly grow into an alternative career. Blogging is ideal for you if you enjoy writing and want to be your own boss.

3. Curriculum writer

Curriculum writers are responsible for conducting research and producing lessons, as well as reference materials and learning activities. Your work will help to shape educational and instructional programmes for students in lower, middle and upper grades.

A second career as a curriculum writer may easily lead to various options outside of the classroom for teachers. Companies organisations and government institutions can all be included in this category. You might be able to quickly move into curriculum writing if you have an aptitude for outlines and technical writing, as well as excellent time management and organisational skills.

4. Online professor

The need for online instructors is increasing as more online universities and brick and mortar institutions offer courses online. Non-tenured professors in higher education can teach online for two-year and four-year colleges, either on-campus or fully remote.

You'll need to know how to build course material, lecture, administer exams and assignments and grade coursework if you want to work as an online professor. Online teachers may be able to convert their skills into a corporate training role, which pays better.

5. Education business development manager

Business managers are also needed to assist digital learning platforms and knowledge-based systems market their supplemental items, courses and library references to academic institutions. This role would be appropriate for someone with strong marketing and sales skills, as well as teaching experience in a certain area.

6. Instructional designer

Instructional designers are in charge of designing, arranging, testing and ensuring that diverse learning products are functional. The instructional design may be an interesting next step for teachers with a flair for design and creativity. Instructional designers apply their expertise in digital media and design to build informative and accessible learning systems and materials.

You'll have to write evaluations if you want to work as an instructional designer. In addition, understanding how to assess and utilise trends in a learning environment is crucial. A master's degree may be a requisite for some positions.

7. Librarian

Teachers having prior experience dealing with children and assisting them in academic settings are highly suited for the role of a librarian. Subject librarians with specific knowledge in specific fields help students and professors identify resources to assist with their research in academic libraries. Academic librarians frequently give talks or create web pages for university classes to teach students how to use library resources. This position needs a master's degree in library and information science, but it may be a terrific opportunity for teachers wishing to advance their careers.

8. School administrator

Teaching expertise is beneficial in any administrative job, whether it is in the field of administering the school's day-to-day operations or contributing to curriculum creation. There is a range of professions that help the functioning of a school, from principals to university registrars and most of them require postgraduate degrees. This is an excellent role for teachers who are passionate about education but are tired of teaching in the classroom.

To sum up

Because of their diverse skills, teachers can accomplish so much more. If you've decided that teaching isn't for you, the very first thing you should do is update your CV. If you're stuck, approach résumé writers who can help you fill in the gaps creatively. If you try and apply your knowledge, expertise and transferable qualities to various domains other than education, you'll be able to identify additional fields and occupations that are a good fit for you. Whether you're stressed out or unhappy in your present teaching job, look for alternative career aspects and opportunities.

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