Exercise Stepper Review: My Fitness Helper During Corona-virus Outbreak

Hello everyone, I’m Lily, a bank clerk who loves engaging as a model in spare time.

Maybe you have the same problem of over-weight I had in the past 3 months. But now I’ve succeeded in losing weight and start my show-life again, thanks to my good helper, an aerobic stepper with risers. I’d like to share with you the experience I’ve been through, so as to help more people with problems of over-weight.

Fitness Aerobic Step Platform

About 1 year ago there was a tough time for me, being suffered from over-weight, which caused a lot of trouble, such as difficulties in dressing, loss of confidence in communication, slip of God-given chance of being a leading lady and so on. Each time I think of the experience now I would always have to admit it’s a very very stressful period. It’s not due to a big stomach, but the lack of exercise in my daily life, well, also the temptation of delicacy I could never be able to reject on parties.

Following the tips advertised by popular magazines, I tried to control my calorie intake by cutting off sugar in Tea-time in the afternoon or reducing the quantity of beef I consumed in every meal, but nothing effected. The fat on my body gradually took away my beautiful shape and posted severe impact on my part-time hobby. Then my friend Jenny heard of my dilemma occasionally when we went out for a classmate-gathering. She told me I had been going the wrong way that doing workout may be the only path left for me to earn my perfect figure back, not just by continuing a diet, which could speed up my metabolism to burn more fat. Her words prompted my determination of regular fitness, like 30 to 60 minutes each day. Influenced by the outbreak of COVID-19, gyms were not good choices, for I could not take the risk of being infected. In accordance to Jenny’s recommendation, I bought an exercise stepper which gave me much favor in working out since it is lowcost but effective.

Fabulous exercise stepper with adjustable heights

Portable Carrying --- The whole step trainer is made in a compact size of 26.78"L x 11.22"W, not too big yet enough for single person. Crafted with premium polypropylene, it is odorless, non-toxic, extra-sturdy and light-weight. It can bear a load up to 440 LBS with such a small construction that is only 6 LBS. I was no more than 155LBS so it’s totally good for me.

Versatile Use --- This fitness stepper is particularly designed to provide auxiliary functions for multiple workout purposes. I learned to practise those fitness movements by following the free workout videos downloaded from the Internet, such as lateral lunge, push-up, squat jump, Basic Left & Right, Step Move, Charleston and etc. no matter I’m at home or in the office, as long as it’s idle time.

Adjustable Height --- The risers on the bottom of the stepper platform could be detached easily if needed, which leads to 2 options of height, 3.94" and 5.91. Thus I can add more challenge after I achieved some progress, which I was content with the most. From the last half of the first month, clearly I can see the weight of my body gradually decreased. I was really pleased and that enhanced my motivation of persistence.

Elegant & Skid-proof --- Featuring a top molded with grid pattern, I don’t need to worry about slipping at all, cause it just brings me reliability. There are rubber pads on the bottom as well, intending to prevent accidental skid and scratch on the floor.

An perfect tool for you to exercise at any place at any time

Now I’ve already been obsessed with this step platform and it has become my necessity in daily workout. Slowly the miracle of losing weight really comes to true. Everyday I check my weight on my digital scale and I can find that my weight keeps going down bit by bit, and then maintains on a healthy level of 105 LBS which I think is quite appropriate for a lady who is 5.7 feet tall like me. Besides, I need to tell everybody who wants to lose weight that health is the most significant element in keeping a good shape. Only a normally functioning body can efficiently take use of the fat you get from food, and that’s the point which decides if your efforts would not be in vain. Therefore, we should have a balanced diet including staples like bread and grain, nutritious food like fruit and vegetables, meat like fish, beef, lamb, and poultry, etc. Basically, do not constrain your routine recipe too tightly. Remember to give your body sufficient nutrients but not too much. And then keep a good mood and start your voyage of losing weight!




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