Top 5 expensive cities that are becoming cheaper than ever

World politics and the global economy have been changing quickly in recent years, which partly leads to a decrease in the cost of living of some most expensive destinations in the world. This is considered as a benefit for expats working for foreign companies in this change.

If you’re having the intention of migrating to one of these cities to live, study and work, take a quick look at the changes or even book a tour to these destinations to have a deeper insight into and prepare for your upcoming phase of life.


As the 2016 Brexit immediate effect, the pound saw so much negetive impact on its value that international tourists flocked to the country and took advantage of this chance to buy luxury goods and go shopping.

Credit: Vladimir Zakharov

There are many ways to live in a more affordable way, especially making good deals on housing. For example, finding accommodation in south and east London is a better price choice than in the west or north. Many areas in south London are being redeveloped but you can still find a low-price rental.

Whatever happens to the UK, the capital still takes the stance of being very open and multicultural.


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The decrease in Beijing’s cost of living is attributed to the falling demand for exports and the yuan’s value.

Just like in London, the more you live near the city centre, the more comfortably you live your life. South and west Beijing are generally cheaper than north and east.

Credit: Andy Brandl

Taking subway is another way to save money compared to going by taxis. Eating like a local is not only help you immerse quickly in Chinese culture, it also saves you a lot of money.


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Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city also witnessed global oil prices dropping, while oil is the country’s primary exports. This is helpful for foreign workers. Positive and can-do attitude of local people is a big plus for expats here. Those happy citizens really know how to party!

Credit: Andrew Holt

Ikeja is rated as one of the safest areas in the mainland Lagos, with stable infrustructure and convenient for people to go to their office.

Mexico City

For cheaper costs, public transportation is much more prefered than private transportation. However, if you travel late at night, booking Uber is cheaper than taxis and also safer than public vehicles.

Credit: Harald Sund

If you go shopping, the local markets called tianguis provide low-price goods rather than big supermarkets. Food in Mexico City is absolutely a big part of life.

Credit: Luis Emilio Villegas Amador

For those who prefer somewhere beautiful and relaxing, Coyoacán is a good option. If you wish to see traditional architecture, La Narvarte can fulfil your need with great original infrustructure, quiet streets and friendly atmosphere.

Buenos Aires

Credit: Panoramic Images

Regarding Buenos Aires, Puerto Madero is highly recommended to expats. This place is close to the ocean and very clean. Those fancy famous tango should consider central Almagro where there are lots of bars, restaurants and milongas (tango halls). Entertainment here is also affordable because of free activities and parks.