How to Export Office 365 Mailboxes to PST Using eDiscovery? Get Your Answers Here


This article is all about seeking the solution for how to export Office 365 mailboxes to PST using eDiscovery. However, it is also important to understand the needs & limitations of the eDiscovery method.
Most businesses use MS Office 365 service worldwide. Despite of the fact that the cloud is the safest platform for storage, there are still some doubts when it comes to privacy of your data.
Many businesses are now concerned about data safety and they show genuine interest in keeping an extra copy of their data on their offline system.
Apart from this, IT experts recommend businesses for Exchange online export mailbox to PST because of several other factors.
Go through this complete guide & do not miss any instructions, if you are planning to undergo this data exportation process in the near future.

Why Do Businesses Want Office 365 Export Entire Mailbox to PST Nowadays?

Below are the various factors, that a business considers as a strong motive for saving an additional copy of their data in PST:

Audits & Litigations

Businesses go through audits frequently and this is when they need to present a copy of their data to the inspecting bodies. Sometimes lawsuits are also one of the reasons where businesses need to show their data.

Data Protection

As we discussed above that cyber attacks are getting common these days, maintaining data integrity is a major factor here. An organization has to protect its data from ransom ware attacks, viruses, accidental loss of data, etc. There are many threats to our data in this modern era, this is why businesses need to be well prepared in advance.


No firm wants to face outages, and internet issues while working. To avoid such issues and access crucial data files anytime & from anywhere in the world, Data in our local system gives us 24×7 accessibility. This ends the dependency of businesses on Microsoft to access their data in one shot.

MS Retention Policy Barriers

Microsoft’s retention policy clearly states that users have to pay extra if they exceed the storage limit of their accounts. To handle this, businesses transfer their important data to offline storage devices that’ll be required in the long run.

Conventional Solution Microsoft eDiscovery Export Tool

The Conventional solution using the eDiscovery tool available with only a limited Office 365 subscriptions. Let’s learn what is the process of getting our work done through this method :

Step 1- Go to the EAC[Exchange admin center] > Click on the security button

Step 2- Drag the option of permissions to the eDiscovery manager

Step 3- Click on edit to add the role Group in the prompt screen

Step 4- If you find the export role is missing, Click on edit role group > Select create a case menu

Step 5- Name the Case > Click on Save

Step 6-  Click New Search Option

Step 7- Click on Add condition for accurate search > Choose Destination by selecting Specific locations & click Modify

[Note- Do not change settings in order to Office 365 export entire mailbox to PST ]

Step 8- Use Choose user group for specifying mailbox.

Step 9- Click on Save & Run button

Step 10- Check the status of your search > Go to more menu > Click on export
Step 11- Select Output according to your preference > Click the Export button

Step 12- You’re data will be stored in Azure storage > Download the export link & copy the export key


Step 13- On the export window, click on Download result

Step 14- Install the eDisovery export tool and paste the export key > Click on start after selecting the destination location.

Limitations of eDiscovery Method

There are several limitations that users have to face if they opt for this eDiscovery method. Let’s understand what are the factors that make organizations reject this method:

Improper Working of eDiscovery Tool

Most of the users who opt for this method face this issue & because they lack some crucial pre-export steps.

  • If you don’t have an updated .NET framework, this method can’t work on the older versions.
  • It requires Windows 7 or later. Users having an old Windows version may not be able to use this method on their system.

Failed Error

Users can face this failed error during the export process and below are the reasons mentioned.

  • Users exporting a large number of data files face this type of error frequently.
  • When users have corrupted messages in their search contents, they are more likely to face this type of error.

eDsicovery Tool Crashed Error

Chances of getting this error are high during a huge amount of content searching, This error is quite common among the users.

Tool Hangs In-Between of The Operation

The most common error is that this eDiscovery tool hangs between the exporting process. Even if you left it overnight to export even a small amount of data, it hangs and does not complete the process.

Exporting Process Completed With Error

Sometimes, because of the poor internet connection, there is a chance of getting this error.
This isn’t a major concern but a few users face this error too.

To overcome these limitations, organizations are shifting towards using the Modern solution for this complex task.

Modern & reliable Exporting Solution

The modern approach to export all the necessary files of Office 365, involves the Most Reliable Microsoft Office 365 Export Tool. This tool holds the capacity to perform your task with 100% data safety.

Many IT experts recommend the above-mentioned tool as it helps to perform Office 365 Outlook export emails, with the aim of solving user queries worldwide.


After learning the crucial needs, eDiscovery method, its limitations, and the best solution, we have reached the conclusion. Now, we can say that we know how to export Office 365 mailboxes to PST using eDiscovery as well as other much better practices.
Always identify the needs of this operation for your businesses, and only then come to a decision. Selecting a professional tool has great significance and can highly affect your final exporting experience.
This is the perfect article for you if are planning to undergo such an operation. Follow the above mentioned instructions carefully & you can get your desired results for sure.

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