Face Creams And How To Choose Them

Moisturizing creams, that invention that has helped many people to recover and heal the skin of the face, has become an essential in skin care, and more so in current generations, who promote this type of care.

Aimed mainly at the female market, many companies have launched their products to make those most used by people, among them we can talk about the Facialderm Company, whose facial creams for women are one of its strengths, along with a variety of Serums, to add to your skincare process.

A company that is proud to be one of those specialized in neurocosmetics, internationally awarded, with its anti-aging and anti-stress formulas, they have managed to gain a foothold in the great skin care market. A company with products aimed at all skin types and forms of care.

How to know what kind of face cream to use

When choosing what type of cream to use, we have to keep in mind certain guidelines that we must understand in order to be successful in that care and feeling that we want to have, and avoid excessive damage to our skin, since these have chemicals that always keep in mind, some of these guidelines are:

  • The person's skin type
  • Skin texture desired by the person
  • Take into account the ingredients and their reaction on the skin

By already having these guidelines already clear, it will be enough to just obtain a basic notion of our skin such as, for example, if an itching or peeling was noticed, it would be considered a dry type skin, if there was a redness it would be a irritated skin mostly due to excessive exposure to the sun or some ingredient of the skin treatment that is being carried out.

Considering these examples, we would have to go to the other point that would be the texture of the cream, if a dense texture is chosen, it will have more proteins and oils, they will help to keep the skin more hydrated, while if we choose one with texture light, which are thinner and quickly absorbed, help the skin to maintain its own hydration. Luckily for those who wish to immerse themselves in this world of skin care, Facialderm offers its products, with creams designed for skin such as:

Face creams for oil or combination type of skin

Something that should be considered about this type of skin is that its most indicative characteristics are a shine on the skin, pimples or enlarged pores, something positive about this type of skin is the prevention of wrinkles at an early age, as well as the complexion will look much younger for longer. A misconception is that this type of skin does not require any type of hydration, but in reality it does require it since if it is not hydrated, sebum will be created, which will damage the skin.

Luckily, Facialderm offers everyone with this type of skin its facial cream, C2 Mattifying and D-Stress Face Cream for Combination - Oily skin, with a formula that will help your skin look firm and radiant, and will also help reduce the opening of pores, as well as excess oil, with guaranteed results after 28 days of application. Counting on the approval of dermatologists for its application.

Face creams for dry skin

On the other hand, when we talk about dry skin, this type of skin tends to lose the water reserves that accumulate in the different layers of the dermis, thus giving the skin a rough sensation, causing flaking, itching or tension in the skin.

Luckily Facialderm with a type of facial cream for this type of skin, such as C1 Hydrating and D-Stress Face Cream for Normal or Dry Skin, will help the skin look firm, radiant and hydrated, thus giving a feeling of softness to the skin, ensuring results after 21 days of application, and with approval of dermatologists for its application.