Gigi Pip Review: Perfect Women’s Hats, Best Price!

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Do you know? For women, hats are pretty and stylish as well as protective. Hats aren’t just for bad hair days (although they are excellent for those). Nothing elevates an outfit quite like the right hat. So if you’re considering a range of women’s hats at the fair price, I can help you quickly narrow your selection.

In this post, I have a suggestion for you. Gigi Pip is the best store to buy women’s hats.

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About Gigi Pip.

Gigi Pip is famous as the premier women’s hat brand. Gigi Pip is a women’s hat shop inspired by women who wear many hats and featuring the latest trends in hats: fedoras, floppy hats and many more. Founded in 2015, they truly believe that a high-quality hat can add a sense of confidence in women, even in a small way, will help them embrace the roles they lead.

Gigi Pip Women's Hats
Beautiful Gigi Pip Women’s Hats that make you love for the first sight!

Now, Gigi Pip offers a wide range of women’s hats such as Felt hats, straw hats, floppy hats, flat hats, fedoras, etc. Here, you can find the exact hat style you’re looking for. For example, you are seeking out all perfect hats for the summer season. They’ve got them all.

Each Gigi Pip hat goes through a 66 step creation process. This includes multiple quality checks, inspections, and attention of detail.

Outstanding Features of Gigi Pip.

Get beautiful Gigi Pip Hats for the perfect traveling companions.
Get beautiful Gigi Pip Hats for the perfect traveling companions

A wide range of women’s hats
High-quality hats
Free shipping in the US on orders over $125
Fast delivery
Reasonable price
Secure payment

Top products at Gigi Pip.

Gigi Pip Emma – Stiff Brim Fedora

Gigi Pip Emma Stiff Brim Fedora
Gigi Pip Emma Stiff Brim Fedora

The Emma Stiff Brim Fedora is a stiff wide brim fedora. It is made from 100% Australian felt with a crown height of 4″ and brim width of 4″. Especially, this hat looks great with its removable leather bands.

Gigi Pip Sloan – Natural Straw Gambler Hat

Gigi Pip Sloan - Natural Straw Gambler Hat
Gigi Pip Sloan – Natural Straw Gambler Hat

This is a classic and classy women’s hat. Its curled brim is unique and gives the right amount of conservative edge. Natural Straw Gambler Hat has a simple thin band. It is versatile and packs extremely well. This hat is available in size S/M (57 cm) or M/L (59 cm) and has an adjustable inner band.

Gigi Pip Monroe Brown – Women’s Rancher Hat

Gigi Pip Monroe Rancher Hat
Gigi Pip Monroe Rancher Hat

It is one of their new felt rancher hats released for the new season. This rancher women’s hat has a brim and crown trimmed with tonal grosgrain ribbon and a slightly curled up brim. This hat is available in sizes 55 XS, 57 S/M, 59 M/L, 61 XL and features an adjustable inner band.

Gigi Pip Reviews

“We’ve been wanting to go to Gigi PIP for a few weeks and we finally went there two weeks ago and I fell in love with the store. The hats are beautiful, they are displayed nicely and there is a great variety of hats (hats for different seasons, different colors, different styles). Customer service is great; we didn’t feel rushed, we took our time and ended up leaving the store with 3 hats (I had to get out of there before I bought half of the store). I’ve been recommending the store to anyone that compliments my hats. We’re definitely going back to get more hats before our trip in a couple of weeks! I left the store feeling beautiful, stylish and empowered and that’s how I feel every time I wear them.”
By Vivi Wanderley

“I haven’t been to a store but I recently purchased a hat online and the quality is so good. It’s such a great hat and I love it! I look forward to getting another hat sometime soon hopefully!”
By Jen Stevens

“Great online service, and the ease of shopping online for a gift. Thanks again, guys!”
By Matthew Tellez

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