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About GoSkills

GoSkills.com is an online learning course provider that helps anyone learn business skills to reach their personal and professional targets. With their subscription, members receive personalized courses consisting of high quality and to-the-point video tutorials, transcripts, cheat sheets, exercise files and short quizzes.

GoSkills select globally-recognized experts, who are passionate and brilliant instructors. Members tell they that a GoSkills.com subscription helps them to learn exactly what they need to know, and in a much more enjoyable and convenient way than is available elsewhere.

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Things you would love

Free forever

The GoSkills training platform is free forever, for as many learners as you’d like. It has optional upgrades for enterprise features and a library of award-winning courses.

Social learning

Learners are able to track their own goals and see what others within the organization are learning.


GoSkills is completely mobile responsive, which means learners can upskill whether they’re on their laptop, tablet or mobile.

Blended learning

Admins can set up and track attendance for offline (classroom) and online courses. Learning resources aren’t limited to standards-based courses (SCORM, xAPI, AICC, CMI5). Admins can also upload videos and external resources.

Accommodate teams of any size

Whether you have two people in your team or 1000, you can track how your team is doing through courses completed, time to completion, tests taken, and certifications earned. Admins are able to create teams and assign courses to them, download reports and generate analytics.

Award-winning course catalog

GoSkills has an award-winning library of over 60+ courses. All courses are expert-led, bite-sized, gamified, and geared towards business professionals. The bite-sized format is proven to be more conducive to learning and retention. It also empowers learners to apply their recently acquired knowledge quicker.

Customized learning experience

Learners can identify and analyze skills and knowledge gaps through GoSkills placement tests, allowing team members to focus their efforts on modules that matter the most.

Enterprise-grade features

Businesses are assigned a dedicated personal success manager to ensure needs are met promptly. Admins can also white label the platform with the business logo and a custom theme.

Unlimited storage

GoSkills offers unlimited storage so businesses can upload limitless content and information without data or content caps.

Learn at your own pace

With its multi-platform, 24/7 access, your team can take the courses anytime, anywhere, through any of the popular platforms. Your team no longer has to fret about fitting in course deadlines with their professional calendars to learn.

Get accredited from the best mentors in the industry

You can be assured that your team gets only the best mentors and learning materials available in the market. GoSkills courses are accredited by the Continuing Professional Development Certification Service UK, meaning you get learning programs that meet industry standards and guidelines. Its Six Sigma Certification and Project Management courses are also reviewed and accredited by the International Association for Six Sigma Certification and the Project Management Institute.

Access real-time data and analytics

The software comes in with the necessary tools for you to effectively learn and analyze your students and how you have achieved the learning outcomes. By having curated insights as to what content, you can monitor learners’ progress, behavior, and other meaningful insights to enhance your training programs.

Customer reviews

Published by Toby Gorman

I was offered a job that required a lot of work in Excel but didn’t have any experience the program and had to learn on the fly. GoSkills’s modules clearly explained each function, and covered all the key elements I needed to perform my duties at a pace I was comfortable with. One of my responsibilities was to create a quarterly sales report, something I had never done before. I referenced back to GoSkills’s instructions and submitted an accurate report complete with charts and pivot tables. I would recommend GoSkills to anybody wanting to learn Excel, especially if they need to learn quickly and not spend a week off-site at a training institute.

Published by Debbie Davey

I just finished the Excel Basic and Excel Advanced and I really enjoyed both of them. The instructor was great very easy to understand and I have learned a few things that I didn’t know before for Excel. This was a fun way to take these courses it is at your own time and pace. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a refresher or just to learn Excel this would a great program to take.

Published Jessen Nullathemby

I am thankful for the brilliant courses that are delivered through GoSkills because my IT skills have practically skyrocketed and I have been able to use my newly acquired knowledge for improving my professional career. I will certainly commend you on the use of short videos for explanatory work because they are so user friendly and easy to understand. This has changed my way of learning drastically and managed to help me memorize the notes and tips more easily.

Published by Jonathan Beckett

A very well structured, common sense, “to the point” presentation of Excel makeup and performances is given through GoSkills. Having begun a business 9 yrs. ago, this level of understanding will not only improve my invoice structure, but also product and materials inventory. Atop that, the skills acquired through this course will be beneficial for future ventures. It is not my intention to boast, but I doubt my tax agent even knows specifics learned through the presentations!

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