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Mobile legends adventure

Mobile Legends Adventure is the next version of the popular MOBA game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang developed by MoonTon. Mobile Legends is one of the few MOBA games on mobile devices at the moment which have characters with iconic status in the community. Moonton is not the leading company that put legendary characters in another game but it is the first company that succeeded in using those characters in a different genre.

Mobile Legends Adventure is a perfect game in almost every detail. It has exciting and demanding gameplay with high-standard graphic and art, high-quality sound. Moreover, this game is updated currently so that players will have the best gaming experience possible. These are what make ML Adventure develop quickly and attract more and more customers every day. If you don’t have a smartphone that can run this game properly, you can check out phones on sale here.

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Tier list

In order to help you choose the right hero to play, here we provide a list of characters in the game according to their game value. We list them based on how they perform in Campaign, Labyrinth, and Arena. This tier list is categorized from tier S - the best heroes to tier D - the weakest heroes.

S Tier: Argus, Estes, Alice, Clint, Valir, Lolita, Karina, Kadita, Angela, Badang.

A Tier: Freya, Leslie, Chilos, X Borg, Lancelot, Lee Sung-Sin, Minsittar, Gatotchaka, Saber, Rafael, Chan’E.

B Tier: Grok, Akai, Aurora, Lapu-Lapu, Carrie, Zilong, Harley, Helkart.

C Tier: Moscow, Odette, Proud, Aldous, Bruno, Tigril, Eidora, Kaya, Leila.

D Tier: Balmond, Hilda, Kusaka, Franco, Alucard, Cyclops, Mia, Bane.

Hero classes

  1. The tank: The tank is a melee fighter that has better health and protection. In battle, the tank must take all damage and make sure other characters are safe. Normally tanks can control the actions of opponents and decrease their damage in the battle.
  2. The mage: The mage is in charge of causing damage to opponents. Since it is a ranged fighter, it can cause damage to a large area. The mage is usually able to immobilize opponents and decrease their effectiveness in battle. The main responsibility of magicians is to cause damage to attackers. A downside of this fighter is that it has low levels of health and protection.
  3. Support: Support is also a ranged fighter that doesn't have special features. He is in charge of healing for teammates and protecting them.
  4. A fighter: A fighter is a melee hero that can rapidly break into the middle of enemies and cause tangible damage to them. This character has good health and attack. It is in charge of preventing attackers from breaking through to vulnerable characters. Also, it owns a high dodge rate.
  5. The shooter: The shooter is a ranged fighter that is able to control enemies and can attack heavily on one and sometimes more opponents. It is low in health and protection but has enhanced the accuracy of shots instead.

Hero indicators

Recovery - recover health points to yourself and teammates.

Damage - Causes damage to opponents.

Jerk - the hero’s ability to rapidly move to distant rivals and deal quick damage on them.

Healing is the massive healing of teammates.

Control (mass control) - enchants rivals, reduce their effectiveness in fighting.

Mass damage - hits all opponents or attacks on a specific area.

Explosive Damage - Delivers a sphere that explodes after a certain period of time.

About Guild

A guild can help you with a lot of things. That's why you need to join a guild as soon as possible when you play this game. If you already took part in a guild and it's not active then you should probably leave and find a better guild. An active guild can give you many benefits:

  1. You will get 10 hero fragments as you join a guild.
  2. You can order heroes and offer fragments to other members in your guild.
  3. When you join in beating the guild boss, you will get bonus rewards for that.
  4. You can get free rewards every day if you are a guild member just by registering and checking in.
  5. General development
  6. Communicate with other players.

Guild level

To increase your guild level, you will need to do tasks daily, fight with the boss, donate gifts to the guilds. By doing this, you will get Guild Experience. When you reach a certain number of Guild Experience, you can increase your guild level. When your guild reaches a new level, more players can join your guild. Guild with high levels can obtain several dozen members. As your guild level gets higher,  there will be better products in the guild store.






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