Just for Men Mustache and Beard Hair Dye For Men


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Though the salt-and-pepper look is nothing to shy away from, if you’re looking to make the gray go away, this is the hair dye for you. This hair dye will take away grays in just 5 minutes! The brush-in gel is ammonia-free and meant to work well on thicker and coarse facial hair. Some reviewers with sensitive skin have had a bad reaction to this dye, so it might be good to leave this to a professional if you’re worried about it

Just for Men Touch of Gray Comb-In Men’s Hair Dye


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Let’s get real, guys! If you’re of a certain age, removing all your grays might not look as good as you thought it would. Try this Just for Men Touch of Gray to take a few years off your mug, without looking like your time-traveling attempt backfired! Just like the mustache dye, give it 5 minutes and you’ll look aged like a fine wine — and you can drink while you do it, too.

Manly Guy Plant Hair Dye

Manly Guy

Chemical free is the way to be! This safe and chemical-free formula is great for avoiding damage to your scalp or sensitive skin using henna and herbs. Available in colors from strawberry blonde to black, this one is worth a try to avoid any hair dye woes. 

Just for Men AutoStop Men’s Comb-in Hair Dye


While some of our warnings might have you too shook to try out hair dyeing at home, Just for Men is trying to make it easy to use and what they call “foolproof” for men to take their hair to the next level. This gentle hair dye formula takes 10 minutes to remove grays with an easy-to-use comb, and there’s no need to mix any formula. This hair dye that lasts up to 8 weeks is your best bet at treating your hair without using a professional.

OGX Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen Shampoo


Vitamin B7 biotin and collagen make the awesome duo to fuller, healthier hair that any guy can use. While darker hair dye can create an illusion of more hair on your head, a little extra help from a great shampoo can’t hurt either.

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If you are going to a salon for taking the services to apply hair dye, you should check the reputed salon. There are so many salons that have hair Salon Software to deliver all the services online. You can take an appointment with the software as well and choose what type of hair dye service you want.