Looking a simple but also cool Halloween Costume is not easy, but don’t worry! With the list below, we’re going to round up the top unique that makes you outstanding at the crowd without detail makeup or difficulty seeking what is the best!

1Barfing Rainbow Snapchat Filter

Even though Snapchat is fading and more and more social users are gravitating towards Instagram stories, you can’t forget this filter. All this super easy last-minute costume requires is face paint! Draw the rainbow from your lips down for the full effect, but if you’re worried about smudging (because, you know, alcohol), start just below the lip line.

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2A Sims Character

Obsessed with Sims? Go as your character by wearing, well, whatever the eff you want — and topping your outfit off with a green crystal (technically called a “Plumbomb”). You can make it using this origami tutorial, or just cut out a diamond shape from green construction paper and tape it to a piece of wire wrapped around a headband.

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3The Brawny Man

If you already have a red flannellaying around, all you need is to pick up a package of Brawny paper towels for the ultimate easy costume. Bonus points if you can figure out how to affix some of these mini pine trees to your shoulders so you can complete the scenery on the packaging!


4Crazy Cat Lady

This year, go as your true self — a real-life crazy cat lady. Put on that robe you and your cat always snuggle up in and attach a bunch of kitty stuffed animals(get them from Goodwill or a cheap thrift store!), then add the details — hair rollersslippers, coffee mugs, etc.

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If you and your partner dress up like this together, you could “make out like a bandit” all night! All you need are striped shirtsglovesmasks (which can be made from construction paper and string), and a plain tote bag or even a pillowcase. You can either draw a big $ symbol on it or use black tape. Head to sayyes.com for more clever ideas like this one!

6Tipsy Elves Pineapple Halloween Costume Dress

You could easily DIY something similar with a yellow dress and some green construction paper, but this pineapple zip-up dress/sweatshirt hybrid is an insanely easy and cute way to get tropical this Halloween. Plus, it only takes two days to ship with Prime!

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7“Thank You Thank You Thank You” T-Shirt


This “Thank You” shirt will double as a costume for Halloween. For an added touch, carry around a box of Chinese takeout and some chopsticks.

8Rubie’s Jurassic World T-Rex Inflatable Costume


If you want to ensure that you’re the center of attention all night, we’ve found the perfect costume for you! All you need are four AA batteries to power the fan that inflates this amazing (and enormous) T-rex costume.

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9Flo from Progressive Insurance


There’s no mistaking this costume! Dress as everyone’s favorite insurance agent by popping the apron and wig on with basic jeans and a white tee.


10Planet Sleep Penguin Onesie


Pajamas that double as a costume? Count us in! This cozy penguin onesie will double as your Halloween outfit and your Christmas Eve PJs! Plus, you’ll be glad not to be freezing your ass off on a cold October night.