Best healthy foods for breakfast

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A well-balancedmeal is exactly what we need to start off a busy day. We’re talking fruits and poultry, proteins and milk, fresh squeezed orange juice, multi grain bread, healthy cookies, cereal and what not, but let’s get real here. We barely have the time to grab a cup of coffee before we’re out the door.


When most of us are asked about the kind of breakfast we would prefer if we had the time, we realize that we would probably stick with that cup of coffee and maybe force down a biscuit or two just to call it breakfast. The question that arises, is why we gag from the thought of eating in the morning?That can’t be healthy.

Why don’t I feel like having breakfast?

Our body is a machine that alters according to our habits, functioning according to our daily routine. The same goes with the stomach and brain, since we never have time for breakfast, our stomach tends to knot-up at the thought of eating so early. We’ve tricked our minds into thinking that we don’t need breakfast.

Is breakfast essential though?

Have you ever wondered why you’re always exhausted, worked up and feel under constant pressure? Why you can’t focus or why you feel lazy? Try having breakfast, it’s nature’s way to keep you going through the day.

What should I do if I don’t feel hungry?

Now breakfast doesn’t mean you have to have a continental buffet ready every morning. Most of us don’t even feel that hungry, on top of that, there isn’t any time. There are however, some brilliant breakfast ideas for everyone.

The tricky thing about breakfast is that everyone has a different taste and very different dietary needs. A fruit bowl with some dates for some, a smoothie for others, homemade protein bars for those on the go – lets make breakfast the best part of our day!!

Here are some of the best healthy breakfast ideas for anyone that wants a healthier lifestyle, is on the run or just looking for breakfast inspiration.


Breakfast smoothies.

The great thing about a smoothie is that it’s filling yet light so for those of you who don’t want to eat something so early, this one is for you. Smoothies are super easy to make and take barely five minutes. All you need is a fruit of your choice, say berries or bananas, add a bit of Greek yogurt and the milk or juice of your preference, blend it, grab it and go.

Fruit salad.

A fruit salad or fruit bowl is one of the healthiest kinds of breakfasts you can have and there’s no cooking or baking involved. Take out your favoritebowl and all those sweet fruits; mix in some mangoes, berries, bananas, pomegranate, you’ve got a rainbow in that bowl. Try adding some nuts or honey, maybe a drizzle of lime, just the thought of it makes your tongue tickle, doesn’t it?


Remember when you were a kid and would stay at grandmas, she would make the best oatmeal in the world. It was that sweet smell that we would wake up to and know that we were in for a treat. Why not give it a go yourself? The fun thing about oatmeal is that there are so many recipes and ways to make it, you can cook it the night before, bake it into cookies, have it cold with yogurt and sliced fruits, have it warm with milk and nuts, the options are endless. Not to mention, it’s quite filling and will keep you charged throughout the day.

Quintessential eggs.

Seriously, eggs are such a common yet under-rated breakfast element. I mean you can scramble them, fry them, poach them, boil them, you can bake them, you can literally make a quiche of them in the microwave. Need we praise this breakfast bad boy more? Omelet, muffin, casserole…the list really does go on.

Avocado toast.

Anything on toast actually. Take a piece of toast, lay on a fried egg and top it with avocado paste, best breakfast ever. There is so much you can do with just a piece of toast; pair it with cheese slices, maybe some meat strips, jam, peanut butter, want to have some fun… French toast.

Quiche in a mug.

Some mornings, you wake up wanting a hearty breakfast but you’re just not up for the process of cooking. You can make a delicious spinach and cheese quiche in a mug and give it a spin in the microwave. Zero effort, hearty breakfast. Add in anything you like, sprinkle some pepper and you’re in for a treat.

Multigrain cereal.

If you’re looking for something nutritional and light, how about a bowl of cereal. Mix in your favorite multigrain with some crushed nuts, throw in a handful of raisins and maybe even slice up a banana or some strawberries ifyou’re feeling good. Add almond milk or any other preferred milk and you’ll be all set till lunch.

Gluten-free breakfast wraps.

Once you’re hooked on these wraps, there’s no going back. All you need are some gluten- free tortillas and fillings; this is where the fun begins. You can fill your wrap with fruits, jams, yogurt, or oats – a combination of different flavors that complementeach other. Be creative.

Sweet potato breakfast bowl.

Mash some sweet potatoes, add a hint of almond butter and some cinnamon and you’ve just made yourself a holiday classic within minutes.


Of course, we didn’t forget the one thing that pulls our morning together. Coffee, whether hot or cold, black or a latte, it’s what gets us going. It’s what we look forward to, it’s the reason we’re still sane. The best thing about coffee, it goes with everything.

There are so many ways to treat yourself to a divine breakfast every morning, why not experiment, have some fun, something to look forward to every morning. After all, it is the most important way to start your day.