Helen Ficalora Jewelry Review


Jewelry is one of the must-have items for every woman around the world, especially on special occasions. Jewelry not only makes yourself more beautiful and attractive but also helps you express your style and personality. Today, Let's discover Helen Ficalora - a popular jewelry brand with Bestproductlist to learn more about their products, their story, and more to have more choices!

Overview of Helen Ficalora

Founded by a woman named Helen, a mother of two kids with financial burdens, Helen Ficalora jewelry brand has been developing successfully through her perseverance and passion.

For more than a decade, Helen Ficalora has affirmed her place in the hearts of jewelry lovers with quality jewelry, exquisite and unique designs. Helen Ficalora jewelry always brings freshness, inspires women with positive messages, love with unique jewelry items.

about Helen Ficalora jewelry

With a following of over 19 thousand on Facebook and more than 37 thousand on Instagram, Helen Ficalora has gained fame through its high quality and unique jewelry designs. Many household names such as Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner, and Tina Fey are using Helen Ficalora items as their favorite ones. In turn, this further confirms the quality of the jewelry at HelencFicalora.

Helen Ficalora Necklaces

The collection of necklaces from Helen Ficalora are a variety of silver and 14K gold necklaces. The thing truly makes many beauty lovers fall in love with Helen Ficalora is that their items are functional. You can completely wear them on casual days or special occasions and events. 

Helen Ficalora necklace collection

So you can build your own styles to be intriguing and impressive by embellishing with necklace charms or chains with multiple options from metals, widths, lengths, colors, kinds of stones, and more from Helen Ficalora’s necklace collection.

Helen Ficalora Rings

At Helen Ficalora, they offer the highest-quality rings with multiple different styles, colors, and unique engraving that make every ring become special and novel. As with all the jewelry items from Helen Ficalora, you can find it easy to go for the most favorite ones according to your preferences and use Helen rings no matter where you are.  

Helen Ficalora rings

Helen and her team focus on designing rings with 4 typical colors: 14K yellow gold, 14K white gold, 14K rose gold, and sterling silver. In addition to choosing a ring with your favorite color, you can customize and embellish your ring with many different options for stones like blue sapphire, ruby, peridot, and much more to have your own unique engraving on your ring at Helen Ficalora. 

Helen Ficalora Earrings

Now let’s talk about Helen Ficalora’s earring collection! Like their necklaces and rings, Helen Ficalora offers a number of unique earrings for you to discover. 

Helen Ficalora rings

There are various styles here that you can pick up for everyday wear or for special occasions to make you become more charming and more attractive in the eyes of people around. Moreover, if you choose diamond styles, there are many different earring styles and sizes, so take a note and choose the best one you love.

Helen Ficalora Reviews: What do beauty lovers say?

“I love Helen Ficalora! I received a necklace-the alphabet charms-about 6-7 years ago, and I have only had great experiences with them”

Ashley J, CA

“Their jewelry is very reasonably priced and the customer service is outstanding! I will definitely be back to purchase more”

Priya V, NJ

“I am a big fan of HF! Totes my go-to place for pretty little things for my girlfriends and for myself! Great gift idea for bridesmaids too!”

Carol S, CA

Helen Ficalora FAQs

Can I change my order at Helen Ficalora?

Well, if you want to modify your order at Helen Ficalora, you’ll either cancel your order or order a new one. Do not hesitate to contact them through their hotline: 877.754.2676 in case you need support from Helen Ficalora's staff. 

Does Helen Ficalora ship orders internationally?

It’s a pity that they currently do not ship all orders internationally.

What about shipping orders at Helen Ficalora?

In the US, all Helen Ficalora orders are applied based on FedEx shipping charges. 

Free shipping for ground shipping 

$25 for the 2nd Day shipping 

$45 for priority overnight

$60 for Saturday overnight

Ring Size Guide

ring size guide

Chain Length Guide

Chain Length Guide

Contact Helen Ficalora

If you want to ask for more information about Helen Ficalora jewelry products, feel free to contact them to get support from the Helen team ASAP.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 877.754.2676

or on Social Media Channels: 

Helen Ficalora Website

Helen Ficalora Facebook

Helen Ficalora Instagram

Helen Ficalora Twitter

Is Helen Ficalora Worth It?

It is clear that most Helen Ficalora customers are happy and truly fall in love with their items at Helen Ficalora. Offering 2-day speedy shipping is a big promise from Helen Ficalora to satisfy customers not only for their amazing jewelry designs but also for excellent customer service.

Bestproductlist believes that you can get more valued information about this Helen Ficalora jewelry review, and maybe you will find your favorite items here! One more thing! We would love to give you all the hottest Helen Ficalora deals to make a real bargain.





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